Improving the Mood of Your Citizens in Caesar 3 - How to Increase Mood Rating

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Improving Citizens’ Mood in Caesar 3

As readers will have understood, most of the elements in the game are interrelated and there isn’t simply an isolated element which has no effect upon anything else. We have already spoken about the effects of citizen’s moods, particularly on immigration and how it affects it negatively. Even though people will give you a chance should you have problems at the beginning of your governing career.

However, as time goes on and your town gets bigger they will expect services to be running smoothly, and they will demand that their governor provide them with the bare necessities. Citizen’s mood also affects crime within the city, and if this is left unattended it will gradually get worse until people start rioting.

When you right-click on a dwelling you will find information at the bottom which will also tell you whether the area is a high-crime one or if there is a risk of crimes being committed. Individual houses do not affect the overall mood of the city, particularly if these areas are isolated and the city doesn’t have too many problems. However if you find that these areas at risk are becoming larger, and moreover are spread-out in different areas of the city, you should look for an overall problem and try and determine what is causing mood to change for the worse.

Ways to Increase Citizens’ Mood Rating

In the case where crime occurs, or if you find that citizens are unhappy or angry at you, you can take the following steps to quickly improve the situation, before you solve the bigger problems:

Decrease tax-rates – This has a sudden effect on mood, but remember to increase once the situation has improved or you will loose a lot of income. You can reduce it all the way to no-taxes at all, if you are rich enough.

Raise wages – If you raise wages above what Rome pays, the Emperor might be slightly concerned.

Hold a Festival – The bigger the festival to more it is likely to improve mood. Holding too large a festival takes too long so if the situation is a dangerous one, and crime is imminent, it would be better to hold small festivals regularly.

Reduce Unemployment – If you have high-unemployment levels build more structures in order to employ more workers. This only works if you have unemployment above 5% or 10% as any other percentage should have no great effect on mood.

Clear out problem-housing – As a last resort, eliminate the poor-districts where there is a problem; by doing this, the potential rioters and criminals will seek somewhere else to live or ultimately leave the city. Although you should only use this drastic step if you’re really in trouble, this is the most effective way of reducing bad moods in the city, especially if you have high-unemployment levels.

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