Security structures, Engineers & Prefects in Caesar 3

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Engineers in Caesar 3

Engineers are important to your city’s success as they will carry out all maintenance work on buildings and structures. An engineer in the game does this simply by passing by a structure, each time carrying out a repair and reducing the risk of collapse, which you can see in the Overlays in the game.

You can spot an engineer by his ladder, and you should see quite a few patrolling the city’s buildings; he will patrol buildings within two spaces of any road which you’ve built, and the game will let you know in case your buildings or plots are too far from a road. Buildings such as reservoirs, walls, forts or acqueducts don’t need maintenance by engineer’s and do not need road access either, you can place them in an isolated area of the map. Other buildings which don’t need maintenance are fountains and wells.

Prefects in Caesar 3

Prefects mainly prevent fires and they are generated by the prefecture building. The developers have given prefects quite humorous names, usually resembling actor names such as Clintus Eastwoodus or similar, and you can always spot a prefect by his helmet and official uniform.

In towns which have a more arid climate, such as towns in the Northern African section of the map, you will have to build more prefectures than usual as buildings are likely to catch fire easily. Aside from preventing fires, prefects can monitor crime levels - although not prevent them - but let the governor know which area is at risk. If the prefect spots criminals or rioters, which you can see as a person waving a torch, usually outside a house or a residential zone, he will quickly confront him and eliminate that threat.

Lastly, prefects also help in case barbarians manage to evade your main city defences, either by breaking city-walls before you manage to mobilise your troops or simply by defeating them. If this happens you will see prefects attacking the invaders, although they will never be as successful and as strong as soldiers, particularly trained ones. Building lots of prefectures is a strategy used in case of such an emergency; when you find that your city has no more defences prefects can help with fighting the invaders, although you can’t build too close to enemy troops.

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