Caesar 3 City-Building Guide - The Peace Rating of your Caesar 3 City Explained

Caesar 3  City-Building Guide - The Peace Rating of your Caesar 3 City Explained
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The Peace Rating

As long as your city is reasonably secure from barbarian invasions and you keep your citizens fairly happy, you should see the peace rating gradually increase. It should be a priority to build forts and military structures early on, particularly in dangerous provinces but also in cities which are marked as ‘somewhat dangerous’.

Dangerous provinces obviously are more prone to attacks, this being from every side of the map, and the attacks will also be more frequent as your governing career moves on. In cities that present slight danger, the main problems are generally with the natives who will have a village in the vicinity of your city but also local tribes who will know no reason. The native problems are usually solved with mission-posts, which we will talk about later, whilst you will still have to defend from local barbarian tribes. Barbarian attacks are what upsets your city’s peace rating the most and you should be prepared to defend your town by making way for military structures in the embryonic stages of your city.

Other factors which affect this rating are rioters and other forms of crime in your city. You should look at various areas of your city, as it gradually grows, and spot early signs of disturbance by the residents. The easiest way to spot crime, or any other problem for that matter, is to use the Overlays on the very top of the panel on the right of your screen. Simply click on the Overlay and you will get a drop down menu where you can click on ‘Risks’ then ‘Crime’. This will show you whether you have problems as shown in the image below. You can also click on the inhabitants of areas which are deemed particularly problematic and they will let you know what the fuss is about.

It is good to solve these kind of problems as soon as you spot them; people just need basic services in order to be happy, such as clean water, food and access to temples. As long as you provide these crime should be low. Also, it is generally expected of cities to have at least some criminal activity particularly if it’s a medium to large settlement you are governing. Poor areas, such as slums near forts or on the very edge of the town, are likely to always have problems but as long as there are only a few such areas your peace rating will not suffer.

One last factor which affects the peace rating and how your citizens judge you as a governor is health. Build plenty of doctor clinics per housing-block and make sure there are no looming epidemics.

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