Building Statues & Gardens in Caesar 3 - Effect of Building Gardens and Statues on A City's Home Growth Rating in Caesar 3

Building Statues & Gardens in Caesar 3 - Effect of Building Gardens and Statues on A City's Home Growth Rating in Caesar 3
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Gardens and Statues in Caesar 3

Gardens and statues affect your city positively as they are beautiful to look at and enhance the desirability of a neighbourhood. Some buildings are more desirable than others in the game, and most have some sort of effect when placed near a house or district. For instance farms will have a negative impact and restrict house growth whereas a barber or an academy will definitely improve the neighbourhood. If in doubt just use your common-sense, as most structures which would seem unwanted near to residents usually are; as a general rule noisy and ugly structures are not welcome, whereas aesthetically pleasing and quiet ones are.

One such aesthetically pleasing feature of a neighbourhood is a garden. You need an empty space of terrain in order to build your garden - like any structure it cannot be build upon something else. You will see that as you build a larger version of the garden, i.e. comprising more and more tiles of the given terrain, it will begin to take shape and look somewhat different. The larger the garden the more it improves the desirability of an area, although building too large a garden will waste useful tiles for building more productive structures, such as farms or a workshop. Plan your garden before-hand, especially in some of the smaller maps, and if needed erase some buildings and re-locate them somewhere else.

Another feature of gardens is that they often improve the look of a market, a bath or similar structure. Houses are not the only things that grow in the game, and most buildings or features which you placed in a district will change accordingly, as the houses and everything else grows. An instant indicator of a well-off neighbourhood is the size of its fountain and market; although it may seem odd, this is shown in the images below.

Statues are also beautiful and all citizens welcome such additions. You can place different sized of statues, from one single tile to something spanning 4x4 tiles. Again, it may seem like wasting valuable space on your map so build these buildings sparingly, particularly the larger sized statues. Another monument you can build, similar to a large statue, is a triumphal arch which only becomes available should your legions be requested by Caesar. If you win a battle outside of your province, you will get to build such an arch, which should definitely be placed in the prettier area of your city.

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