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City Building in Caesar 3 - Understanding Game Ratings - Culture

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This part of the guide leads us onto the importance of the ratings in the game, and how these affect your city overall. Here we look at what functioning structures affect your culture rating.

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    Game Ratings

    The Emperor measures your success by having a look at how you are faring in each of the four ratings, by consulting your rating advisor. You can also consult your rating advisor to find out how your city’s development is doing or, alternatively, you can hover your cursor over the senate building which will indicate the same. At its mere infancy not every city will have a senate, due to not enough income, so the easiest option is to visit the advisor and look at the columns there.

    The four ratings are: Culture, Prosperity, Peace and Favour. Each of these represents an aspect of your city and will gradually increase as your province becomes more peaceful, for instance, or your city takes in more money than it spends.

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    The Culture Rating

    As in ancient Roman cities, culture is essential to your city’s growth, as it was not only in the capital but also within the provinces of the Empire. The Culture rating is determined by how many functioning buildings, which add to your city’s cultural state, are present in your city, and are also easily accessible by a large portion of your population. These buildings include theatres and other various forms of entertainment, such as colosseums or an amphitheatre, and also take into account the amount of temples and religious structures which are active. Education, such as schools, libraries and academies are also important for the development of this rating but mainly in the latter stages of your town. The most important forms of education, until your town grows more demanding, are schools and libraries, which all citizens want fairly early on.

    The Culture-rating isn’t particularly difficult to increase, although sometimes you may build a city which has a great culture-rating but lacks in more essential services, such as water and safety. This happens when you build more entertainment structures than are really needed by your town. Remember that not every residential district needs forms of entertainment, whilst everyone needs at least one temple which they can visit; although they may complain that the town is dull it is better than having other kinds of problems, such as poor employment of work-force.

    To recap, the only essential buildings for early city-growth are temples. Everything else, whilst boosting your culture rating, is only essential if you want your housing area to develop further which may not necessarily be wanted. Cheaper housing means more room and a larger work-force, hence it is a good idea to restrain house-growth to a few areas only

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    Doing farily well...Out of favor, time to desert...