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Understand the Favour Rating of your City in the Caesar 3 PC Game

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

In this part of the guide on Caesar 3 ingame ratings, we look at how favor affects you and your city, either positively or negatively, and the effects the rating has.

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    The Favor Rating

    The favour rating is determined by how Caesar views you as a governor and how he thinks you are handling the new settlements’ affairs. Remember that he has assigned you a province to ultimately find out whether you are a capable governor, so he should not be out-of-patience too soon. However, bear in mind that if you take too long or generally fare poorly at various management aspects, he will soon become unsettled and begin to question your abilities.

    Your favour rating will start at 50 at the beginning of every assignment, but the difficulty settings will determine how quickly Caesar runs out of patience. As long as you make some progress with your city, such as attract new immigrants or build a flourishing trade industry, the favour rating will rise slightly or at worse remain stable and not have any dramatic drops. If you take too long in completing your assignments the rating will drop gradually. If you favour rating becomes less than 30 you should begin to try to increase it. You can also give gifts to the Emperor in order to keep him happy, which will make favor rise slightly; do not do this too often however, as it will gradually have less of an effect.

    An important factor which determines favor is management of city funds and paying your tribute to Rome yearly. If you run into debt too often your favor will drop, since Caesar has to send you more money. If you fail to pay a tribute to Rome your rating will also drop. Moreover, Caesar will request some of your city’s produce, natural resources or crafted goods from time to time, which you will have to promptly deliver. These may be anything from wine to a shipment of timber, and being late in your delivery will also anger the Emperor and make your favor drop. In any case, it is better to fulfil this request even though you may have missed the initial deadline. Another factor which will displease the emperor is paying yourself a higher wage than your current rank.

    Finally, should you reach a favor of less than 20, Caesar will send a legion from Rome in order to regain control of the city. They will initially be stationed outside your city’s perimeter and attack in case your rating doesn’t improve. If you should ever find a Roman legion outside your city do not despair! I have managed to fight and defeat this legion before and continue on with the game by eventually raising the favor-rating up to 30; if you have adequate military forces you can quite happily defeat them and just carry on.

    And you never know, Caesar may actually show his respect if you manage to do this.

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    Examples of a low favor-rating

    The Emperor orders your arrest...Attack is imminent...Figthing beginsThe Emperor's respect

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