Complete Bulletstorm General 2 Skillshot Guide

Complete Bulletstorm General 2 Skillshot Guide
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General 2 Skillshots 1

Slam Dunk (50 SP)** - Smash an airborne enemy into the ground using the Thumper. Normally thumping an enemy sends him skyward. If you use the Energy Leash's Thumper ability on an already airborne enemy, it will instead slam him into the ground.
  • Trap Shooting (50 SP) - Use bullets to kill a Thumped enemy. Use the Energy Leash’s Thumper ability to send an enemy flying then gun him down mercilessly.
  • Flyswatter (50 SP) - Thump an enemy so he smashes into the ceiling or an impaler. This is easiest to do in a room with a low ceiling.
  • Fertilizer (100 SP) - Explode two or more thumped enemies using an environmental explosive. Attempt to thump multiple enemies into the air along with a red explosive barrel. Once they are airborne, shoot the barrel to earn your Skillshot.
  • Touchdown (100 SP) - Thump a stunned miniboss to his death. When a miniboss is stunned he will be doubled over with his weak spots highlighted. Use the Energy Leash’s Thumper ability while he is in this dazed state to finish him off.
  • Bossed (250 SP) - Kill a miniboss.
  • Fire in the Hole (100 SP) - When a miniboss is stunned, kick him from behind, then shoot him in the butt. This is not a noble way to meet your ultimate demise. Regardless, this Skillshot is performed exactly as it is described.
  • Kick Off (250 SP) - Remove a miniboss’s helmet, then when he is stunned again, kick his head off. The first step is stunning the miniboss and using the Energy Leash to rip his helmet off. Stun him again then kick the head clean off his shoulders.

General 2 Skillshots 2

![Bulletstorm Screenshot](

Whiplash (250 SP)** - Remove a miniboss’s helmet, then when he is stunned again, leash his head off. This requires exactly the same procedure as **Kick Off**, but instead of kicking the miniboss' head off, use the Energy Leash to tear it off.
  • Stomach Pump (100 SP) - Kill a miniboss by firing a charged drill into his stomach and then kicking it. This is performed using the Penetrator’s Charge Shot.
  • Friendly Fire (50 SP) - Kill an enemy by flinging them into the fire of another enemy.
  • Bombshell (25 SP) - Kill two or more enemies by exploding a Flailbomber. The Flailbomber enemy type wears a bright red outfit and attacks you with flails. Kick or leash one towards a crowd of thugs then shoot it to cause an explosion that destroys those within close proximity.
  • Assplosion (50 SP) - Kill a Burnout by shooting his ass growth. Burnouts are first encountered in Chapter 1 of Act 5. The locations of their growths are random, so keep an eye out for one with a butt growth.
  • Blind Fire (100 SP) - Kill someone while blinded by a flare. The Flaregunner enemy type will assault you with flares.
  • Discharged (50 SP) - Kill a Heavy Echo trooper with a charged PMC while he’s charging his. During Chapter 2 of Act 7 you’ll face off against Heavy Echoes. When they are charging their Peacemaker Carbines they emit an immediately noticeable red glow. Kill one with your own Peacemaker Carbine Charge Shot before they finish charging.

General 2 Skillshots 3

  • Skyjack (100 SP) - Kill a gyrocopter pilot while the vehicle is airborne. Precision weapons like the Screamer or Peacemaker Carbine are your best bet for killing the pilot without accidentally destroying his aircraft first.
  • Parashoot (50 SP) - Leash an enemy out of a gyrocopter and kill him before he lands. The pilot will reach the ground quickly, so be fast with the kill once you’ve leashed him out.
  • Flak (100 SP) - Destroy a gyrocopter using an indirect explosion. Kick a red explosive barrel towards a gyrocopter, and then shoot it to destroy the vehicle with the barrel’s explosion.
  • Gotcha (50 SP) - Leash a Creep or Skull Flaregunner and kill them in midair. Both the Creep and Flaregunner enemy types are too fast to leash normally. You must first kick them into the air and then leash them.
  • Full Throttle (50 SP) - Use bullets to kill two or more enemies without letting go of the trigger.
  • First In Last Out (100 SP) - Get an enemy airborne, kill a different enemy, then kill the first before he lands.

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All screenshots/references for the Bulletstorm: General 2 Skillshot Walkthrough from Epic Games/People Can Fly’s Bulletstorm and author’s own experience.

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