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Bulletstorm: Flailgun Skillshot Walkthrough

by: Matthew Weber ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Bulletstorm is known for its diverse lineup of weapons, and the Flailgun is a shining example. Bright Hub's Bulletstorm Flailgun Skillshot Walkthrough will tell you how to perform all of the brutal Skillshots this wicked instrument of destruction can provide.

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    The Flailgun

    Bulletstorm Flailgun The Flailgun is an incredibly entertaining weapon to use, providing ample destructive opportunities for the veteran gun-for-hire. It fires two grenades that are tethered together by a chain to form a flail, hence its name. The grenades will explode of their own accord after a few seconds, or can be triggered manually with the fire button. Its Charge Shot super-heats the flail's chain, allowing it to slice through your enemies with gut-busting effectiveness. Our guide is here to tell you how to perform all of the Flailgun-specific Skillshots, as well as the point totals you'll be awarded for each.

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    Regular Shot

    • Bulletstorm Screenshot Grenade Gag (25 SP) - Wrap a flail around the head of an enemy and explode it. Aim a flail at an enemy's head and once it has coiled itself around, press the fire button again to detonate it.
    • Gang Bang (25 SP) - Kill two or more enemies with a single flail explosion. Once an enemy is flail-wrapped, wait until a second enemy is in close proximity to the first and then detonate.
    • Minefield (25 SP) - Kill an enemy by exploding a flail attached to a surface. Attach a flail to either the ground or a wall and wait for an enemy to run by before exploding.
    • Sadist (50 SP) - Wrap a flail around an enemy but kill him before it explodes. Once a flail has wrapped itself around an enemy, kill your foe with an alternate weapon, or kick it into an environmental hazard.
    • Meat Slicer (50 SP) - Slice an enemy in half while wrapping the flail around an object. When a flail sticks to a surface, its ends whip around and cut whatever is around the object. Aim at an object by an enemy's midsection to slice him in half.
    • Head Slicer (100 SP) - Decapitate an enemy after wrapping the flail around an object. Similar to Meat Slicer, but instead aim at an object by an enemy's head.
    • Homie Missile (100 SP) - Use a flail-wrapped airborne enemy to kill another enemy.
    • Smart Mine (100 SP) - Use a flail-wrapped standing enemy to kill an airborne enemy. Flail-wrap an enemy, and then use the Energy Leash to pull a second enemy through the air towards the first. Once it is in close proximity, detonate the flail.
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    Charge Shot

    • Chain Reaction (50 SP) - CHARGED: Slice two or more enemies in half using a flail Charge Shot. Charge up your Flailgun and wait until a crowd of enemies lunges towards you. Fire the super-heated flail at their midsections, slicing them clean through the middle.
    • French Revolution (100 SP) - CHARGED: Decapitate two or more enemies with a flail Charge Shot. Similar to Chain Reaction, but instead aim the charged flail at the heads of a gang of enemies.

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    All screenshots/references for the Bulletstorm: Flailgun Skillshot Walkthrough from Epic Games/People Can Fly's Bulletstorm and author's own experience.

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