Complete Bulletstorm Peacemaker Carbine Skillshot Guide

Complete Bulletstorm Peacemaker Carbine Skillshot Guide
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The Peacemaker Carbine

The Peacemaker Carbine is the standard starter weapon in Bulletstorm, though it still packs a powerful punch. Its regular bullets are effective enough on their own, but its Charge Shot propels a seething lance of energy into the bodies of your adversaries, searing their flesh and leaving nothing but a charred skeleton behind. Our guide is here to tell you how to perform all of the Peacemaker Carbine-specific Skillshots, as well as the point totals you’ll be awarded for each.

Regular Shot

![Bulletstorm Screenshot](

Headshot (25 SP)** - Kill an enemy with a headshot. Nothing fancy, just take your time and carefully aim your shot before firing.
  • Bullet Kick (25 SP) - Kick an enemy and shoot him to death mid-air. Either kick an enemy point-blank, or use the Energy Leash to draw one to melee range and then kick him to send him airborne. Once in midair, bury some Peacemaker Carbine bullets into his hide for the Skillshot.
  • Bullet Slide (25 SP) - Slide into an enemy and shoot him to death midair. This is again very straightforward, simply slide kick into an enemy to send him flying and then shoot him before he hits the ground.
  • Gag Reflex (50 SP) - Kill an enemy with a shot to the throat. This may take multiple attempts, as you’ll likely get some accidental headshots while aiming for the neck.
  • Rear Entry (50 SP) - Kill an enemy by shooting him in the ass. Either catch an enemy by surprise from behind, or kick an enemy to the floor and position yourself behind him as he stands back up. Send some slugs up his rear end to successfully score the Skillshot.
  • Trip Wire (50 SP) - Shoot a running enemy in the legs to trip him, then finish him off before he gets up. Deliver some painful shots to an enemy’s kneecaps to send him howling to the floor, and then put the poor sod out of his misery.
  • Mercy (100 SP) - Shoot an enemy in the balls and kick or shoot his head off. This Skillshot is just cruel, but is executed as simply as it is described.

Charge Shot

  • Boned (25 SP) - CHARGED: Kill an enemy within a moment of getting them in your sights. To ensure correct timing, avoid charging up your Charge Shot until an enemy is directly in front of you.
  • Overkill (50 SP) - CHARGED: Execute a headshot with the Charge Shot. This is very straightforward, simply carefully aim your shot and try not to get too much brain splatter on yourself.
  • X-Ray (100 SP) - CHARGED: Kill two or more enemies with a single Charge Shot. This is easiest to accomplish when multiple enemies are stampeding you, as you have a higher chance of lancing two at a time if they’re already lined up for you.

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All screenshots/references for the Bulletstorm: Peacemaker Carbine Skillshot Walkthrough from Epic Games/People Can Fly’s Bulletstorm and author’s own experience.

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