Complete Bulletstorm General Skillshot Guide

General Skillshots 1

  • Bulletstorm Screenshot

    Graffiti (25 SP) – Kill an enemy by kicking him against a surface. Any surface qualifies, be it a wall, floor, or ceiling.

  • Shocker (100 SP) – Kill an enemy by flinging him into an electrical source. Keep an eye out for damaged generators and other electrical sources throughout the campaign. They are visibly identifiable by the sparks they emit.
  • Pricked (100 SP) – Kill an enemy by flinging them into a cactus.
  • Voodoo Doll (100 SP) – Kill an enemy by flinging them into a sharp object. There are countless sharp objects littered throughout Bulletstorm, such as spikes and barbed wire.
  • Vertigo (50 SP) – Send an enemy down a huge drop. Toss an enemy off the side of a tall building or over a steep cliff to add this Skillshot to your collection.
  • Fly Guy (100 SP) – Kill an enemy by flinging them into a swarm of Electro Flies. Electro Flies are bright blue and relatively easy to spot. They are first encountered in Chapter 1 of Act 2.
  • Afterburner (50 SP) – Kill an enemy who is on fire. There are multiple ways to set enemies aflame. The Screamer's Charge Shot launches an incinerating flare, or you can detonate a red exploding barrel near an enemy.
  • Enviro-Mental (50 SP) – Kill one or more enemies using an environmental explosive. Red explosive barrels are the most common environmental explosive.

General Skillshots 2

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    Feeder (100 SP) – Feed an enemy to a Flytrap. Flytraps are encountered during Chapter 2 of Act 4. Use the Energy Leash to pull an enemy towards you and then kick it towards a hungry Flytrap.

  • Bad Digestion (100 SP) – Cause a Flytrap to swallow something explosive. Flytraps are not intelligent creatures. Kick an explosive barrel towards one and it will eagerly devour it, causing the barrel to detonate.
  • Antidote (50 SP) – Kill an enemy who is infected by the Puffball gas. Puffballs are introduced in Chapter 2 of Act 4. Shoot one when an enemy is nearby to poison him. Execute him to end his suffering.
  • Toxic Love (50 SP) – Kill an enemy while infected by Puffball gas. Shoot a Puffball and infect yourself by inhaling the green gas vapors. Kill an enemy while under the effects of the gas for a successful Skillshot.
  • Nominated (50 SP) – Kill an enemy with a Nom parasite on their head. Noms are bulbous yellow blobs that grow on various plants. They are first encountered during Chapter 2 of Act 4. Kick one towards an enemy and it will affix itself to his head.
  • Scarecrow (100 SP) – Put a Nom parasite on an enemy’s head then impale them. Any sharp object qualifies.
  • Leak (50 SP) – Put a Nom parasite on an enemy’s head then headshot them.
  • Heads Up (100 SP) – Put a Nom Parasite on an enemy’s head then take their head off. The Penetrator and Flailgun are both highly effective decapitation tools.

General Skillshots 3

  • Fast Food (100 SP) – Ram an enemy to death with a hot dog cart. Hot dog carts are identifiable by the large red explosive barrels installed in their bases. Kick a cart into an enemy, repeatedly if necessary.
  • Sausage Fest (50 SP) – Kill an enemy using a hot dog cart explosion.
  • Exterminator (100 SP) – Kill an entire swarm of Electro Flies. The individual flies buzz around and can be difficult to hit, so practice your timing carefully to conserve ammunition.
  • Killer News (100 SP) – Kill an enemy with the explosion of a Newsbot. Newsbots are first encountered in Chapter 1 of Act 2. You can either kick a Newsbot into an enemy to trigger an explosion, or shoot a Newsbot until detonation while an enemy is in close proximity.
  • Intoxicated (100 SP) – Kill an enemy while drunk on Nom Juice. The first bottles of Nom Juice are found in the Disco Room during Chapter 1 of Act 2. Take a swig, get buzzed, and then waste an enemy.

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