Complete Bulletstorm Screamer Skillshot Guide

Complete Bulletstorm Screamer Skillshot Guide
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The Screamer

The Screamer isn’t the most imposing gun available in Bulletstorm, but looks can be deceiving. It is incredibly accurate and possesses enough stopping power to freeze a rampaging rhino in its tracks. Its Charge Shot is a red-hot flare blast that ignites your enemies on contact. Our guide is here to tell you how to perform all of the Screamer-specific Skillshots, as well as the point totals you’ll be awarded for each.

Regular Shot

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One Hit Wonder (25 SP)** - Perform a clean execution by using only a single bullet to kill an enemy. Take your time and line up a shot carefully before pulling the trigger.
  • Surgeon (25 SP) - Kill an enemy by shooting only one single limb repeatedly. It is easier to consistently shoot an enemy’s legs than his arms, so choose a leg and blast away.
  • Fast Draw (50 SP) - Kill an enemy the moment you have them in your sights. There isn’t much advice to impart for this Skillshot beyond exercising both practice and patience.
  • Snapshot (50 SP) - Kill an airborne enemy the moment you have them in your sights. Use the Energy Leash’s Thumper ability to launch an enemy into the air, and then shoot him dead as quickly as possible. Like Fast Draw this will require practice.
  • Gunslinger (100 SP) - Score two or more Fast Draws or Snapshots in a row. It is likely easier to score two Fast Draws back-to-back since you don’t need to worry about maintaining the airtime of your enemies. Wait for two enemies to be in close proximity of each other and be lightning quick on the draw.

Charge Shot

  • Enlightenment (50 SP) - CHARGED: Shoot an enemy in the head with a flare and let it explode. Once you’ve embedded a flare into an opponent’s skull, resist the urge to fill him with more lead. Instead, let the flare explode and do the work for you.
  • Misfire (50 SP) - CHARGED: Flare an enemy but kill him before the flare explodes. Essentially this is the polar opposite of Enlightenment. You’ll have to be quick in killing the enemy as the flare doesn’t take long to explode. Go for a headshot for maximum efficiency.
  • Fireball (50 SP) - CHARGED: Shoot an enemy with a flare so it explodes and kills another enemy. This can be easily accomplished by sticking a flare to an enemy when a second enemy is in close proximity.
  • Fireworks (50 SP) - CHARGED: Explode an enemy who is 20 meters or higher in the air. Use the Energy Leash’s Thumper ability to skyrocket an enemy into orbit. At the apex of his flight, launch a flare into him and explode him into fleshy chunks.
  • Firefighter (100 SP) - CHARGED: Ignite three or more enemies and kill them while they burn. When a flare strikes a surface, sparks and flame shoot out around the impact zone. Find a cluster of enemies and fire a flare at their feet or above them at a ceiling. Once they are burning, finish them off.

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All screenshots/references for the Bulletstorm: Screamer Skillshot Walkthrough from Epic Games/People Can Fly’s Bulletstorm and author’s own experience.

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