Complete Bulletstorm Secret Skillshot Guide

Complete Bulletstorm Secret Skillshot Guide
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Secret Skillshots 1

Pancake (50 SP)** - Crush an enemy between a wall and heavy object. There will be multiple opportunities to pull this [Skillshot]( off during the storyline. Simply kick an object towards an enemy to sandwich him against a wall.
  • Mass Extinction (50 SP) - Stomp an enemy with the Mechaton. During Act 2 you’ll assume remote control of this beast and use it to wreak havoc.
  • Kill-o-Watt (50 SP) - Push an enemy into the electric buildings of Mechaton’s mini-city. This will also come up during Act 2. Use your kick or Energy Leash to hurl enemies into the electrified buildings of the mini-city.
  • Fish Food (50 SP) - Drown an enemy in water. The best opportunity for this Skillshot comes during the dock portion of Act 3. Simply kick an enemy into a body of water.
  • Floater (100 SP) - Drown an enemy in streaming water. During Act 3 you will cross a bridge over some rapids. Kick an enemy into the rushing water to achieve this Skillshot.
  • Grinder (100 SP) - Kill an enemy with the dam’s rotating water wheel. In Act 3 you will need to escape a dam. That dam has gigantic grinder wheels that are perfect for kicking or tossing enemies into.
  • Man Toast (100 SP) - Burn an enemy to death in the furnaces. During the dam escape of Act 3 you’ll enter the dam’s reactor core. Kick or Energy Leash an enemy into one of the large red reactors.

Secret Skillshots 2

![Bulletstorm Screenshot](

Tenderizer (50 SP)** - Flatten an enemy with the elevator. In Chapter 3 of Act 4 you will encounter a gatling gun. Soon after there will be an elevator tube; hit the switch to call an elevator and squish the enemies in its path.
  • Ding Dong (100 SP) - Kill an enemy by opening the doors in the “ceiling” of the collapsed building. The opportunity for this Skillshot also arises in Chapter 3 of Act 4. You will stumble upon a couple of enemies underneath a hatch in the ceiling marked “Leash”. Use your Energy Leash to open the hatch and crush the enemies with falling rocks.
  • Halloween (100 SP) - Put a Nom parasite on an enemy’s head, then kick him into an electric object. Noms are bulbous yellow blobs that grow on various plants. They are first encountered during Chapter 2 of Act 4
  • Steady Hand (100 SP) - Kill a Burnout by only hitting his weak spot. During Act 5 you’ll begin to face the Burnout enemy type. Their weak spots are the sickly orange growths on their skin.
  • Dino-Sore (50 SP) - Shoot the weak spots on Hekaton’s neck during the helicopter battle. This battle is featured during Chapter 3 of Act 5. The weak spots are bright red and impossible to miss.

Secret Skillshots 3

  • Outburst (50 SP) - Push an enemy into the storm. During Act 6 you’ll experience some intense plasma storms. Kick an enemy out into the stormy weather for an instant kill.
  • Sucker (100 SP) - Kill an enemy using a fan. During Act 2 you’ll cross some rooftops. Giant fans will be installed in the walls during this segment, and they will shred apart any enemy unlucky enough to be kicked in.
  • Forced (100 SP) - Kill an enemy by flinging them into an electromagnetic pulse barrier. These appear during Act 6, in the Ulysses' generator room.
  • Ejeculated (25 SP) - Jettison the Heavy Echoes in the cargo hold. This will occur during the final mission in Act 7. You’ll be given a verbal prompt to activate a switch and eject the pods holding the Echoes.
  • Weed Killer (350 SP) - Kill the Flytrap boss. This is storyline related and can’t be missed. You fight this boss in Chapter 2 of Act 4.
  • Minced Meat (250 SP) - Kill the first Burnout mini-boss. This is storyline related and can’t be missed. You fight this mini-boss in Chapter 2 of Act 5.
  • Grilled Meat (250 SP) - Kill the second Burnout mini-boss. This is storyline related and can’t be missed. You fight this mini-boss in Chapter 3 of Act 6.

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