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Bulletstorm: Secret Skillshot Walkthrough

by: Matthew Weber ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Several Skillshots correspond to key events during the Bulletstorm storyline. Bright Hub's Bulletstorm Secret Skillshot Walkthrough will outline all of the hidden Skillshots you can discover throughout the course of the campaign.

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    Secret Skillshots 1

    • Bulletstorm Screenshot Pancake (50 SP) - Crush an enemy between a wall and heavy object. There will be multiple opportunities to pull this Skillshot off during the storyline. Simply kick an object towards an enemy to sandwich him against a wall.
    • Mass Extinction (50 SP) - Stomp an enemy with the Mechaton. During Act 2 you'll assume remote control of this beast and use it to wreak havoc.
    • Kill-o-Watt (50 SP) - Push an enemy into the electric buildings of Mechaton's mini-city. This will also come up during Act 2. Use your kick or Energy Leash to hurl enemies into the electrified buildings of the mini-city.
    • Fish Food (50 SP) - Drown an enemy in water. The best opportunity for this Skillshot comes during the dock portion of Act 3. Simply kick an enemy into a body of water.
    • Floater (100 SP) - Drown an enemy in streaming water. During Act 3 you will cross a bridge over some rapids. Kick an enemy into the rushing water to achieve this Skillshot.
    • Grinder (100 SP) - Kill an enemy with the dam's rotating water wheel. In Act 3 you will need to escape a dam. That dam has gigantic grinder wheels that are perfect for kicking or tossing enemies into.
    • Man Toast (100 SP) - Burn an enemy to death in the furnaces. During the dam escape of Act 3 you'll enter the dam's reactor core. Kick or Energy Leash an enemy into one of the large red reactors.
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    Secret Skillshots 2

    • Bulletstorm Screenshot Tenderizer (50 SP) - Flatten an enemy with the elevator. In Chapter 3 of Act 4 you will encounter a gatling gun. Soon after there will be an elevator tube; hit the switch to call an elevator and squish the enemies in its path.
    • Ding Dong (100 SP) - Kill an enemy by opening the doors in the "ceiling" of the collapsed building. The opportunity for this Skillshot also arises in Chapter 3 of Act 4. You will stumble upon a couple of enemies underneath a hatch in the ceiling marked "Leash". Use your Energy Leash to open the hatch and crush the enemies with falling rocks.
    • Halloween (100 SP) - Put a Nom parasite on an enemy’s head, then kick him into an electric object. Noms are bulbous yellow blobs that grow on various plants. They are first encountered during Chapter 2 of Act 4
    • Steady Hand (100 SP) - Kill a Burnout by only hitting his weak spot. During Act 5 you'll begin to face the Burnout enemy type. Their weak spots are the sickly orange growths on their skin.
    • Dino-Sore (50 SP) - Shoot the weak spots on Hekaton's neck during the helicopter battle. This battle is featured during Chapter 3 of Act 5. The weak spots are bright red and impossible to miss.
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    Secret Skillshots 3

    • Outburst (50 SP) - Push an enemy into the storm. During Act 6 you'll experience some intense plasma storms. Kick an enemy out into the stormy weather for an instant kill.
    • Sucker (100 SP) - Kill an enemy using a fan. During Act 2 you'll cross some rooftops. Giant fans will be installed in the walls during this segment, and they will shred apart any enemy unlucky enough to be kicked in.
    • Forced (100 SP) - Kill an enemy by flinging them into an electromagnetic pulse barrier. These appear during Act 6, in the Ulysses' generator room.
    • Ejeculated (25 SP) - Jettison the Heavy Echoes in the cargo hold. This will occur during the final mission in Act 7. You'll be given a verbal prompt to activate a switch and eject the pods holding the Echoes.
    • Weed Killer (350 SP) - Kill the Flytrap boss. This is storyline related and can't be missed. You fight this boss in Chapter 2 of Act 4.
    • Minced Meat (250 SP) - Kill the first Burnout mini-boss. This is storyline related and can't be missed. You fight this mini-boss in Chapter 2 of Act 5.
    • Grilled Meat (250 SP) - Kill the second Burnout mini-boss. This is storyline related and can't be missed. You fight this mini-boss in Chapter 3 of Act 6.

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    All screenshots/references for the Bulletstorm: Secret Skillshot Walkthrough from Epic Games/People Can Fly's Bulletstorm and author's own experience.

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