Complete Bulletstorm Penetrator Skillshot Guide

Complete Bulletstorm Penetrator Skillshot Guide
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The Penetrator

The Penetrator is a menacing tool that harpoons a powerful drill into anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in its sights. Its Charge Shot allows you to bury the drill into an enemy, and then steer the enemy via the embedded drill into other enemies or environmental hazards by holding down the fire button. Our guide is here to tell you how to perform all of the Penetrator-specific Skillshots, as well as the point totals you’ll be awarded for each.

Regular Shot

![Bulletstorm Screenshot](

Breakdance (25 SP)** - Drill an enemy into the ground. The easiest way to execute this Skillshot is to kick an enemy to the ground, and then stand over him and shoot the drill down into him.
  • Fan-tastic (50 SP) - Drill an enemy into the ceiling. First get an enemy airborne by either kicking him or using the Energy Leash’s Thumper ability, and then stand underneath him and launch a drill into him from below.
  • Root Canal (50 SP) - Insert a drill into an enemy’s head. This is straightforward, just embed a drill into an unfortunate soul’s cranium.
  • Twisted (50 SP) - Fire a drill into an enemy but have him die by other means. The easiest way to accomplish this is to fire a drill into an enemy at such an angle that his trajectory will send him soaring into an environmental hazard.
  • Mile High Club (50 SP) - Send an enemy into the sky. Similar to Fan-tastic, but instead of shooting an enemy into the ceiling, shoot him with the drill into the wild blue yonder. Once he reaches a high enough altitude he will die, awarding you the Skillshot.
  • Air Strike (100 SP) - Impale a thumped enemy into a standing enemy. Despite not requiring Charge Shot, using it for this Skillshot makes things much less difficult. Thump an enemy into the air then fire a charged drill into him while holding down the fire button. Now aim at a second enemy and release the fire button to send the first enemy flying towards him.
  • Shishkebab (100 SP) - Impale two or more enemies with a single drill.
  • Wingmen (100 SP) - Impale two or more airborne enemies with a single drill. Use the Energy Leash’s Thumper ability to send multiple enemies airborne, and then carefully align a shot before launching the drill.

Charge Shot

  • Stinger (100 SP) - CHARGED: Suspend a drilled enemy midair, then kick him into another enemy. Bury a Charge Shot into an enemy, which will knock him off his feet. Once a second enemy is close enough, kick the first enemy into the second to pull off the Skillshot. This is easier when two enemies are already in close proximity to each other.
  • Drilldo (100 SP) - CHARGED: Ram two or more enemies during a slide with the charged weapon. Charge up the Penetrator then initiate a slide kick when two or more enemies are approaching. Connect the slide to tear your foes to tiny pieces.

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All screenshots/references for the Bulletstorm: Penetrator Skillshot Walkthrough from Epic Games/People Can Fly’s Bulletstorm and author’s own experience.

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