Complete Bulletstorm Head Hunter Skillshot Guide

Complete Bulletstorm Head Hunter Skillshot Guide
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The Head Hunter

The Head Hunter is Bulletstorm’s version of a sniper rifle, though it comes with a unique twist. When you lock-on to an enemy with the Head Hunter’s scope, you can guide the bullet in midair towards the hapless target. This ensures that even if your foe tries to leap out of harm’s way, your bullet will be close behind. The Charge Shot heightens the fatal potential of the Head Hunter even further, imbuing your bullet with an explosive charge. Our guide is here to tell you how to perform all of the Head Hunter-specific Skillshots, as well as the point totals you’ll be awarded for each.

Regular Shot

![Bulletstorm Screenshot](

Show Off (25 SP)** - Kill an enemy from 10 meters without using the scope. This is easiest to accomplish when you have a straight and unobstructed line of sight with an enemy.
  • Broken Wings (50 SP) - Kill a thumped enemy with a guided bullet. Use the Energy Leash’s Thumper ability to launch an enemy into the air. Use the Head Hunter’s scope to target the airborne enemy, and then guide the bullet to its intended target.
  • Accident (50 SP) - Shoot an enemy and have him die from hitting an environmental hazard. This is easiest to pull off with an enemy that is near the edge of a water hazard. Simply shoot the enemy from an angle that ensures his airborne trajectory will send him into an environmental hazard, such as a pool of water.
  • Bluff (50 SP) - Kill an enemy who is not actually the chosen target of the bullet. Lock-on to the first enemy with the scope, and then guide the bullet into a second enemy. This is much easier to do with two enemies who are already in close proximity to each other.
  • Nutcracker (50 SP) - Kill an enemy by guiding a bullet into his balls. This is very straightforward, albeit painful to watch.
  • Hotshot (100 SP) - Kill a dodging enemy by targeting a weak spot like the head or throat. When targeting an enemy with the scope, they will often attempt to dodge to the left or right. Guide the bullet into the enemy’s head as he dodges.

Charge Shot

  • Premature (50 SP) - CHARGED: Explode the bullet to kill the target before it hits him. Charge up the Head Hunter and fire it at an enemy. Right before it actually impacts the target, press the fire button to prematurely detonate the charged slug.
  • Letter Bomb (50 SP) - CHARGED: Explode two or more enemies using a single bullet. It doesn’t matter if you prematurely detonate the bullet or let it pierce an enemy and then explode, so long as at least two enemies die from the same charged shot.
  • Shrapnel (100 SP) - CHARGED: Explode two or more airborne enemies using a single bullet. Use the Energy Leash’s Thumper ability to send multiple enemies airborne, and then guide a bullet towards them. Try to detonate the bullet in the epicenter of the enemy group for maximum damage.
  • Early Retirement (100 SP) - CHARGED: Kill an enemy controlled with the charged bullet before it explodes. When your Charge Shot buries itself into an enemy, for a short while you can steer the enemy using the bullet until it detonates. Steer the enemy into another foe and enjoy the fireworks.

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All screenshots/references for the Bulletstorm: Head Hunter Skillshot Walkthrough from Epic Games/People Can Fly’s Bulletstorm and author’s own experience.

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