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Warhammer Online Career Guide - The Zealot of Chaos: Path of Witchcraft

by: Jesma ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Learn all you need to know about the Zealot of Chaos: In this installment we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Zealot Mastery: Path of Witchcraft.

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    Zealot Mastery - Path of Witchcraft

    At rank 11 characters begin to accumulate Mastery points which they may put into any of three Mastery Paths. The Mastery Paths are ladders that, as you invest points into them, unlock abilities and tactics that enhance your Zealot. The three paths for Zealots are:

    • Path of Alchemy
    • Path of Witchcraft
    • Path of Dark Rights
    In this installment we will consider the Path of Witchcraft.

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    Core Abilities

    The following abilities are those mainly affected by the enhancements granted in the Path of Witchcraft. In addition, each point spent in the Path of Witchcraft will increase their power.

    Warp Reality: Inflicts Corporeal damage over 15 seconds.

    Veil of Chaos: For the next 10 seconds your target absorbs some damage. When this effect fades it will restore a small amount of health.

    Dark Medicine: Restores an initial amount of health to an ally and then restores additional health over 9 seconds.

    Mark of the Spell Destroyer: Increases a group member's Initiative and Willpower. The bearer of this Mark may use it like an ability to inflict Corporeal damage to his target over 9 seconds.

    Tzeench's Lash: Inflicts Corporeal damage to the target and also Silences them, preventing them from using any form of magic.

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    Granted Abilities

    The following abilities are those that may be granted by the Path of Witchcraft. Simply investing points into the path will not automatically grant the abilities. Rather, you must further invest a point into the ability itself if you desire to have it.

    Lashing Waves - Tactic: Tzeench's Lash will now strike all opponents within 20 feet of your target.

    Ritual of Superiority: A two-second-cast Ritual that lasts for 30 seconds and grants group members within 80 feet that are taking damage a 20% chance to activate a shield that will absorb a small amount of damage for 10 seconds.

    Tzeench's Refreshment - Tactic: Direct heals have a 25% chance to grant your target 50 action points. It will not restore action points to yourself.

    Storm of Ravens: Inflicts small amounts of Corporeal damage to the bearer of your Harbinger every half-second for 6 seconds.

    Transference - Tactic: Your Harbinger deals damage every 5 seconds and heals your defensive target for the amount of damage dealt.

    Mirror of Madness: Curses your target for 10 seconds so that whenever they cast a heal, it deals Corporeal damage to them.

    Tzeench's Scream: Knocks back all targets within 30 feet, dealing a large amount of damage to them.

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    Why Choose the Path of Witchcraft?

    The Path of Witchcraft is very much a utility path. It focuses on spells that have their effect over time, spells that protect, and spells that restore action points. It would seem that the Path of Witchcraft is ideally suited for heavy RvR situations where the Zealot is frequently maneuvering as if his life depended on it (because it probably does). In addition, this Path grants the Zealot with two very powerful utilities: The ability to silence a large mass of enemies, and the ability to knock back a large amount of enemies. The Path of Witchcraft is best suited for a Zealot that often finds himself maneuvering around the battlefield, switching both offensive and defensive targets rapidly, and getting in very sticky situations where he needs to protect himself.

    However, while the Path of Witchcraft can serve many purposes, it is probably not the best choice for someone who plays solo most of the time, or for someone who intends on focusing mainly on PvE.