Warhammer Online: How to play a Zealot of Chaos in WAR – Zealot RvR

Zealot RvR

Playing a Zealot in RvR (Realm Vs Realm)

A Zealot’s job in RvR is an important and treacherous one. Because of their low armor, a Zealot can very quickly meet his end if he draws too much attention to himself. Fortunately, Zealot’s heals have an incredibly long range. The career is designed to be able to stand far away from the battle and heal. Standing on top of things, hiding behind rocks or buildings, and just plain running away are all tools in a Zealot’s arsenal that he should take advantage of whenever possible.

A good place for a Zealot to be in RvR combat is near the Sorcerers and Magi. This way, he can take advantage of those career’s snaring abilities if an enemy gets too close.

When in a safe place, it is good to keep HoT’s (heal over time) up on everyone in the thick of combat. Leaping Alteration is a very good ability to use in RvR, as are Rituals that effect your entire group. Also, as in PvE situations, put a useful Mark on everyone you can. Long and Fragile heals are not good choices for RvR, as any hit will set your spell back a significant amount. Try to use instants and very quick casts, such as Tzeench’s Cordial, Dark Medicine, and Flash of Chaos. Veil of Chaos is also very useful in keeping low-armored allies alive. Another important thing is: Don’t forget to heal yourself! Many healers get so focused on keeping their allies alive that they forget to watch their own healthbars. Remember, you cannot keep anyone else alive if you are dead.

Killing a Zealot in RvR

Do you play Order? Do you hate Zealots? As much as it pains me to do so, I will clue you in on how to take them down. You will nearly always find Zealots hiding at the back of the fight. They’re the ones with the pretty skirts and practically nothing covering their top halves. They also favor attaching bird wings to their shoulders. If you don’t see them right away, try searching on top of buildings and behind rocks and walls. Zealots like to hide.

Zealots have very low armor and not much more in the way of hit points. If they are focused on by a few DPS, they will die quickly. Melee careers are ideally suited for killing Zealots. It is very difficult for a Zealot to heal themselves or anyone else if their casts are being set back or interrupted. While Zealots can easily heal through slow steady damage, they have a very difficult time healing for large amounts quickly. Two Bright Wizards casting large nukes could also easily kill a Zealot. In addition, removing their buffs and HoT’s or Silencing them renders them almost entirely inert.

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