Zealot of Chaos - All You Need to Know to Play this Warhammer Career

Zealot of Chaos - All You Need to Know to Play this Warhammer Career
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Overview of a Zealot


Archetype and Role

Zealot’s are classified as being of the “Healer” archetype. They definitely live up to this, commanding a stunning array of direct heals and heal-over-times. In addition they are a buff class, bestowing the blessings of their gods upon their group members in the form of “marks”. The marks give the zealots group members buffs and advantages and can be chosen to suit their career or grant them protection. In addition, the bearer of a mark may activate it like an ability in offense against their enemies.

Zealots do their healing from long-range, avoiding entering the fray of combat where their low armor and target priority will quickly culminate in their death. Zealot’s are designed to be able to do a majority of their healing while moving in order to stay away from attackers.

Simply because Zealot’s are a “healing” class doesn’t mean that they aren’t very useful in offensive situations. Much of the Zealot’s true power comes from being able to weave their spells to simultaneously damage and debuff their enemies and heal their allies. Zealot’s may place the opposite of a mark, called a “harbinger”, upon their enemies. While an enemy bears a harbinger, he is debuffed and becomes the permanent target of many of the Zealot’s other attacks. Some examples of this are: When the Zealot heals his defensive (friendly) target the bearer of his harbinger suffers a portion of it in damage. Or, when the Zealot deals damage to the bearer of his harbinger, his defensive target is healed for a portion. The careful weaving of offensive and defensive spells is what grants Zealot’s their true power.


The Zealot’s Appearance is an integral part of game lore.

Zealots of Chaos aren’t your typical holy glowing righteous “of the light” style healers. They more resemble deranged psychopath cultists that enjoy sacrifice, skulls, and blood. Picture your favorite witch (or warlock) standing on a dais holding a sacrificial dagger, the skull of an innocent, with bones in her/his hair, draped in tattered robes that are held on by a belt - the buckle of which is made from a the stretched skin of a face - probably the face that used to belong to the skull in their hand. Now picture said witch or warlock screaming and carrying on about the Raven God Tzeentch changing and mutating the world through Chaos and some such other deranged nonsense. That should give you a great mental image of what a Zealot is.

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