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Zealot of Chaos: Path of Dark Rights - Warhammer Online Career Guide

by: Jesma ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Learn all you need to know about the Zealot of Chaos: In this installment, learn about the advantages and disadvantages in the Path of Dark Rights.

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    Zealot Mastery - Path of Dark Rights

    At rank 11 characters begin to accumulate Mastery points which they may put into any of three Mastery Paths. The mastery paths are ladders that, as you invest points into them, unlock abilities and tactics that enhance your Zealot. The three paths for Zealots are:

    • Path of Alchemy
    • Path of Witchcraft
    • Path of Dark Rights
    In this installment we will consider the Path of Dark Rights.

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    Core Abilities

    The following abilities are those mainly affected by the enhancements granted in the Path of Dark Rights. In addition, these abilities will increase in power each time you invest a point into this Path.

    Rite of Agony: Inflicts Corporeal damage on enemies within 30 feet of you.

    Mark of the Vortex: Increases your groupmembers' Resistances. The bearer of this Mark may use it like an ability to inflict Corporeal damage to his target over nine seconds.

    Leaping Alteration: A one-second-cast heal that leaps to friendly targets within 30 feet of the last friendly healed, restoring health over a period of nine seconds. This effect will only pass through each target once, and will affect up to six allies.

    Demon Spittle: Deals Corporeal damage over nine seconds to all opponents within 65 feet in front of you.

    Dust of Pandemonium: A three-second-cast heal that effects all groupmembers within 150 feet of you.

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    Granted Abilities

    The following abilities are those granted by the Path of Dark Rights. However, simply putting points into the path will not automatically grant the abilities. You must purchase the abilities you desire by spending a point on them as well.

    Sweeping Disgorgement - Tactic: Adds to the effect of Demon Spittle, reducing enemies Armor and Corporeal Resistance.

    Ritual of Lunacy: A two-second-cast Ritual that lasts for 30 seconds, healing every groupmember within 65 feet for a small amount every three seconds.

    Swirling Vortex - Tactic: The ability granted by Mark of the Vortex will now effect enemies within 40 feet and last for 15 seconds.

    Chaotic Agitation: Deals damage every second for six seconds to the bearer of your Harbinger and all enemies within 20 feet of him.

    Tzeench's Grip -Tactic: Every time the bearer of your Harbinger is struck, there is a 25% chance that the friendly attacker that struck him will be healed for a small amount over three seconds.

    Wind of Insanity: You deal damage every second for six seconds to enemies within 30 feet of you. In addition, enemy players are knocked back a short distance and monsters are knocked down for two seconds.

    Windblock - Rank 4 Morale: Inflicts a large amount of damage to enemies within 30 feet of you, making heals on them 50% less effective for 10 seconds.

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    What is the Path of Dark Rights Good For?

    The Path of Dark Rights focuses on granting and enhancing wide-area or area-of-effect (AoE) spells. This is very helpful to you when you need to heal several people in your group all at once. It is also helpful when you are fighting in an area filled with enemies that are not necessarily attacking you. Your ability to inflict debuffs on a large number of enemies can be very crucial in swaying the tide of battle.

    A Zealot of the Path of Dark Rights is a very useful "support class" in any group, be it RvR or PvE. They can reduce resistances and armor of enemies, quickly heal an entire group, and even provide a knock-back or knock-down effect that will allow a group to escape in a bad situation. However, they aren't very well suited for solo-play, and even in groups must be very careful. It is very easy for a Zealot to "pull aggro" - meaning to draw attacks - on multiple monsters or enemies if they are not very careful when they use their wide-area abilities. When soloing, the lack of power bonuses to single-target attacks makes it slower to take down enemies. Ultimately, the Path of Dark Rights is good for a Zealot that frequently groups for quests and likes to be effective in both PvE and RvR.