Warhammer Online Zealot of Chaos – Path of Alchemy – Career Guide For Zealot Of Chaos Character Classes in WAR

Zealot Mastery – Path of Alchemy

At rank 11 characters begin to accumulate Mastery points which they may put into any of three Mastery Paths. The mastery paths are ladders that, as you invest points into them, unlock abilities and tactics that enhance your Zealot. The three paths for Zealots are:

  • Path of Alchemy
  • Path of Witchcraft
  • Path of Dark Rights
In this installment we will consider the Path of Alchemy.

Core Abilities

The following abilities are those mainly affected by the enhancements granted in the Path of Alchemy:

Mark of Daemonic Fury: Increases a groupmember’s strength and intelligence. The bearer of the mark may use it like an ability to inflict corporeal damage.

Tzeench’s Cry: An instant-cast bolt of of power that inflicts Corporeal damage.

Elixir of Dark Blessing: A long, fragile heal that restores a lot of health.

Daemonic Fortitude: Increases target’s Wounds for 60 seconds and heals them for the amount increased.

Scourge: A two-second-cast that inflicts Corporeal damage to the target.

Flash of Chaos: A small, instant-cast heal.

Granted Abilities

The following abilities are those granted by the Path of Alchemy. However, simply putting points into the path will not automatically grant the abilities. You must purchase the abilities you desire by spending a point on them as well.

Chaotic Force – Tactic: Increases Critical Effect chance of Tzeench’s Cry, Scourge, and Flash of Chaos by 15%.

Ritual of Innervation: A two-second-cast Ritual that lasts for 30 seconds and effects all group members within 65 feet, granting them a 20% chance to regain 50 action points every time they attack.

Manipulation – Tactic: Every time you cast a direct heal on your defensive target, there is a 25% chance that your offensive target will take damage equal to 25% of the amount healed.

Boon of Tzeench: Funnels health from the bearer of your Harbinger into your defensive target.

Changer’s Touch – Tactic: When you deal Corporeal damage to the bearer of your Harbinger, 25% of the damage will be restored as health to your defensive target.

Aethyric Shock: Stuns your target for 3 seconds and inflicts damage to them.

Tzeench’s Shielding – Rank 4 Morale: Your group is instantly granted 250 action points and, for 20 seconds, will absorb some damage.

What is the Path of Alchemy good for?

The fact of the matter is that no one Path is better than another. All three grant bonuses to healing and to damage powers, as well as group buffs and effects. The choice comes down to playstyle and situation.

The Path of Alchemy focuses on granting bonuses to what we call "single-target" and "direct" abilities. A single-target ability means that it affects one target at a time. A direct ability means that it does its full affect at once. Direct is the opposite of "over time".

Many people prefer the playstyle of the Path of Alchemy because they like doing direct damage and healing without having to worry about re-applying "over time" spells. The Path of Alchemy also seems to cater to solo play, as it focuses on having one offensive target and one defensive target for a long period of time. This would be ideal for someone playing alone, using themselves as the defensive target. It could also work well in group situations where one person was the main damage shield and the group was fighting one powerful enemy for an extended period of time. The Path of Alchemy is not well suited for situations where many people are taking damage simultaneously and the enemies die quickly, such as heavy RvR combat.

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