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Warhammer Online: Renown Titles Pt 5

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The last part of this series will talk about the different titles that Renown will give you as you move up the ranks when you fight in RvR play.

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    Renown Titles

    Now that you know all of the basics of how to earn your Renown points in RvR play, you know the different tactics that you can purchase to help your stats, you know the different types of Renown items that will be available to you, and you know about the great bonuses that you can also buy with your Renown points, it is time to talk about the cool little titles that you also gain under your character name – Renown Titles.

    As you gain Renown points and rank, you will also gain Renown titles. There are ten different Renown titles that you can gain for each race in the game. Here is a list of each race's Renown titles that you will go through:

    Destruction Forces:

    Dark Elf: 1) Raider 2) Taskmaster 3) Reaver 4) Captain 5) Lordling 6) Deathbringer 7) Master 8) Dark Lord 9) Dread Lord 10) Drachau (Rank 40)

    Chaos: 1) Minion 2) Enforcer 3) Plunderer 4) Despoiler 5) Chieftain 6) Destroyer 7) Aspirant 8) Champion 9) Exalted 10) Warlord (Rank 40)

    Orc: 1) Bully 2) Smasha 3) Bonebreaka 4) Tough'Un 5) Strong'Un 6) Big'Un 7) Boss 8) Tough Boss 9) Strong Boss 10) Warboss (Rank 40)

    Goblin: 1) Little Git 2) Git 3) Sneaky Git 4) Useful Git 5) Best Git 6) Backstabbin' Git 7) Boss 8) Crazy Boss 9) Smart Boss 10) Warboss (Rank 40)

    Forces of Order:

    Dwarfs: 1) Beardling/Beardlingess 2) Prospector/Prospectoress 3) Defender/Defendress 4) Stone Guard/Stone Guardess 5) Forge Guard/Forge Guardess 6) Grudge Guard/Grudge Guardess 7) Veteran/Veteraness 8) Longbeard/Longbeardess 9) Greatbeard/Greatbeardess 10) General/Generaless (Rank 40)

    *NOTE: The Dwarves are the only race with titles that are gender specific. The titles above are listed as male title/female title.

    Empire: 1) Militiaman 2) Soldier 3) Lieutenant 4) Captain 5) Griffon Guard 6) Griffon Warden 7) Griffon Marshal 8) Griffon Chancelor 9) Baron Count 10) Count (Rank 40)

    High Elf: 1) Steward 2) Protector 3) Harbringer 4) Sea Guard 5) Shining Guard 6) Lightbringer 7) Illuminati 8) Noble Lord 9) Shining Lord 10) High Commander (Rank 40)

    In The End...

    Basically, Renown in Warhammer is just like Honor or Experience points in other games that revolve around PvP play. When the game is released, there will be several pieces of Renown gear, titles, and tactics, but as the game goes on and more patches are released, you can expect some major upgrades to armor and weapons, as well as some extras in other Renown areas. Game designers and producers have already spoken about major upgrades and perks that will be coming on down the road with the Renown system and personally, I can't wait to see what they have in store for the game.

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