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Warhammer Online: Earning Renown Points Pt 1

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

In Warhammer Online, Renown points are the reward system used in PvP play. This first article will help you learn what Renown is and how to gain points.

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    The basics of the Renown system...

    In Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, the point system that deals with PvP kills and battles is called Renown points. As you move up through the levels, you will fight both mobs and other players in different areas of the game. One of these ares is RvR (realm versus realm) where you will fight opposing factions. As you fight - and win - these battles, you will earn victory points for your realm. This is like the experience points in other games.

    Victory points will help you earn a Renown Rank in the game on top of your Player Rank. Renown Ranks depend on your Player Rank (or level), and only the highest Renown Ranks are reserved for those over rank 30. This means that the Renown ranks have a cap, so until your character levels up, your Renown rank won't either. But, you can participate in RvR earlier than 30 to start gaining victory points, but keep in mind that until rank 30 or higher, you won't gain as much Renown Rank.

    To earn Renown Ranks, you will be killing other players in RvR combat (this is just like PvP combat in other MMO games). Each player is worth a flat amount of Renown points, which depends on what actual level you are. As you kill other players, or all killed by them, victory points will be either gained or deducted. But, the amount of these points that is awarded or taken away depends on the ranks of the players involved.

    Several factors go into how much Renown points are awarded for player kills. For example, players that have recently died will be worth a lot less, and usually none at all. Players that are your rank and that have not been killed recently will provide you with more victory points when they are killed. But, the Renown points that are received will depend on both player's actual levels and also on their Renown levels, then the points are adjusted accordingly up or down.

    When you do kill an enemy player, you can actually loot their corpse, unlike other MMO games out there on the market. When you do, the quality of the loot that you get is directly related to their Renown rank. So, the higher that their Renown rank is, the better the loot you get. But, don't worry – the loot that a player gets off killing another player does not result in the killed player losing anything.

    The next part of this series will help you learn how you earn your Renown points when you are in a group and how Healers earn their points as well.