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Stat Bonuses

If you don’t feel like purchasing RvR Tactics with your points, players can also purchase stat bonus packages that will increase your stats. These stat bouns packs will help in both RvR and PvE, and all of the packages have multiple levels so that the higher ranks that you are, the better package that you can purchase. Of course, that means the more Renown points that you will have to spend as well! But, as you spend more Renown points on that specific package, you will gain more as well. For example, if you purchase Hard as Nails, for several different package levels, you will gain 3 Toughness for every 1 Renown point that you spend on it. You can purchase stat bonus packages that will increase a combination of just about every stat you have, so depending on your career, you will find different stats will benefit you the most. And, of course, the higher rank that you are, the better your Renown points will be, and the better stat bonus packs that you can purchase.

Renown Items

In each different war camp there are Renown stores where you can purchase special items. The catch is – you have to have reached a specific Renown rank to do so. While you can start purchasing items when you reach the minimum Renown rank, the higher your Renown Rank, the better the items are that you can purchase. You have to have your player rank and your Renown rank really close so that you can use the items you purchase.

Once you hit rank 30, the items that you can purchase with Renown points get really awesome and add stats and great hit rates as well. Also, after you hit rank 40, and you are participating in capturing cities in the game, then you will be able to purchase full armor sets, which you cannot find or purchase anywhere else in the game. So, it helps to keep your Renown rank and your player rank as high and as close as possible so that you can get the best Renown gear in the game. The higher your Renown rank, the better items you will be able to purchase.

Once you hit level 40 and your Renown rank is 40 as well, you will find that you will get some armor and other items that are downright sweet. Also, after you hit these two milestones, you will also have the opportunity to get some special armor sets if you participate in capturing enemy cities. So, this is yet another reason to keep your level and your Renown rank as close as possible until you are level 40.

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