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Warhammer Online: Spending Renown Points Pt 3

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Now that you have learned how to earn your Renown points, and you have started gathering them up in Warhammer Online, this article will help you see how you can use your points to buy Tactics to help your RvR play.

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    Spend, spend, spend...

    When you join in the RvR fun, you are rewarded for your combat. You will get 1 Renown point for every Renown rank that you reach. As you gain your victory points and move up the scale on the Renown Rank, these points can then be used to get special rewards from your career trainer. These rewards usually help with improving your RvR or PvE abilities. You can use your Renown Rewards to purchase RvR Tactics, Stat Bonuses, and Renown items.

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    RvR Tactics

    One of the main areas that you can purchase new skills and abilities for your RvR play is by purchasing RvR tactics. Each different career will offer you different RvR tactics, which are made to help you further customize your character and your game play. These Renown tactics have their own unique slots in your interface that are in addition to the career slots that you already have available to you. Here is what the slots will look like:

    wh tactic slots These Renown tactics are two separate slots that appear on your Tactics bar. Even though you can have more than two Renown tactics, you can only use two at a time. Some Renown tactics only take up one slot, while others take up both slots. You want to choose RvR tactics that will help you against your particular enemy, such as in the case of Greenskins, there are tactics that will help you in beating down this foe quickly.

    Some of the Renown tactics that you can learn to help you in your RvR play include:

    Bane of Kings – This tactic only takes up one of your two slots, and will give you a 5% boost in damage when you are fighting Realm lords or kings.

    Stuntie Stompa – This tactic only takes up one of your two slots, and will give you a 2% boost in damage when you are fighting in Dwarf RvR scenarios and areas.

    Malekith's Vengeance – This tactic takes up both of your two slots but lightly heals you each time you kill a High Elf.

    Emperor's Champion – This tactic also takes up both of your two slots and gives you a 5% boost in morale when you are grouped with an Empire player.

    Of course, these are only a few of the different Renown tactics to show you that some take both slots and others only take one. So, you want to make sure to check how many slots each tactic you want takes up and determine if it's worth it or not. Other Renown tactics will help boost defense, stats, and defenses for players and usually the perks that they bring with them help both in RvR and in PvE settings, which makes some of the two slot tactics worth it.

    But, each Renown tactic will cost you Renown points. As you purchase different Tactics they will cost you Renown points, which you use just like money. As you level your Renown rank and gain more Renown points, the Tactics that you can purchase will also raise both in the bonus that it gives you and the price. Here are some examples of how different Renown tactics will change both in bonus and prices:

    Hard as Nails 1 = Increases Toughness by 3 and costs 1 Renown point.

    Hard as Nails 5 = Increases Toughness by 42 and costs 14 Renown points.

    Some other of the Renown Tactics that you can purchase include:

    Fireproof 1 = Increases Elemental resistance by 20 and costs 5 Renown points.

    Blade Master 3 = Increases Strength by 9 and Weapon Skill by 9 and costs 10 Renown points.

    Improved Heavy Armor 3 = Increases Armor by 900 and costs 15 Renown points.

    So, as you can see there are many different ways that Renown tactics will help you when you spend your Renown points on them. Spending your Renown points on Tactics can really help players that spend most of their time in RvR.