How To Earn Renown Points in Warhammer Online - Guide To Earning Renown Points through Combat & Healing

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Groups and Healers earn at a different rate…

The first part of this article series showed you the basics of Renown points and how you earn them. But, things change when you are in a group that is in RvR combat or when you are a Healer class. When you are in a group in RvR, you will share your Renown with your group members. To get the victory points and the Renown Rank, your group members will have to be close to you and active in the RvR scenario, in other words, you all have to have performed an action against an enemy player to change your status to active. It works like this: if there are 5 players in the group and the whole group attacks another player but then one player from the group deals the killing blow, the group will get 50% of the victory points and the player who dealt the killing damage will get the other 50%.

Let’s look at an example: (these are not actual player’s names)

Sammy, George, and Hannah are all in a group. George and Hannah are attacking Fred, but Sammy isn’t. George and Hannah knock Fred down about 80%, but start losing because they are weaker now. So, Sammy comes to help and kills Fred, or knocks out the remaining 20% of his life. When the renown points are awarded, George and Hannah will split 80% of the Renown points and Sammy will get the remaining 20%. Say that Fred was worth 100 Renown points. This means that George and Hannah get 40 points each, while Fred gets 20 points. Plus, they get to loot Fred’s body as well.

For those players who are Healers, you will get your Renown from a completely different victory point pool. The way that the Healer victory pool works is to try and keep healers from being in combat. By staying out of combat and actually healing your group, you gain more victory points that you would if you are in combat instead.

When you are in RvR, you will also be capturing and defending objectives. These actions also earn you Renown. Every different objective that you complete will give you a different level of Renown that will be distributed evenly between the players who helped complete it. The amount of Renown points that you will gain will depend on the objective, the number of players killed during the objective, and where you are in the main scheme of thing (such as a Tank, Healer, and so forth). Different tier objectives are worth different amounts, such as tier 4 objectives are worth more than tier 3, and so on down the line. Of course there are some objectives - the Keeps - that are worth a ton more victory points than others, especially the Successive Tier keeps.

When you participate in an objective scenario, both sides will get Renown points – not just the one who wins. The Renown that is awarded here is all based on the amount of Renown points that the realms have each earned in the scenario. The winners of the scenario will obviously get more than the losing side, and if the winning side takes over the other zone completely – well, let’s just say that you get a huge chunk of Renown. The chunk of Renown that you get from completely taking over an enemy zone is about five times of your faction’s base’s Renown points. For example, if the winning base is worth 100 Renown points, and your side takes over the other zone completely, then you will get around 500 Renown points when the zone is captured.

But, you have to be in active combat when the zone is taken over to get the points!

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