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Titan Quest Skills and Masteries: Storm

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Description of the skills that are in the Storm Mastery of Titan Quest and the other masteries that you can choose with the Storm Mastery to create different types of characters in the game.

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    Titan Quest, the popular RPG put out in 2006 by Iron Lore Entertainment and distributed by THQ, is still one of the most beloved fighting games out there in the gaming world. There are thousands that are still slaying mythical creatures and dying in heroic battlegrounds in the ancient Rome that is Titan Quest. It has a single expansion in 2007 with Immortal Throne and then Iron Lore closed down in 2008 prior to coming out with another expansion. The game runs on the popular Diablo 2 platform and all the controls that you will use in the game are the exact same.


    Storm Mastery in the game is where you get to unleash some serious electricity and cold.  Putting at least a point or two in intelligence and strength is good so that you can have access to some of the better skills available. If you are going to work as a melee fighter you will need a bit more strength than intelligence, a more caster oriented player will need more intelligence than strength.


    The Storm Mastery is the combination of skills that will let you reign down lightning and cold damage to your foes. Combining this with other masteries creates some pretty interesting builds. The Storm mastery with Earth gives you the Elementalist and with the Spirit mastery gives you the Oracle. These two buids are characterized as Full Casters. Storm mastery with Nature is the Druid build. It is also a caster. The Storm Mastery with Rogue is the Sorcerer build and with Hunting is the Sage build. The Storm Mastery with the Warfare is the Thane build and with Defense is the Paladin build. Those four builds are considered hybrid classes.


    There is really no way to know what a Paladin or Sage is going to play like, because you are going to create it customized to your playing style. It's all about the skills that you select rather than what the game will create for you. These hybrid classes (rather than pure masteries where only one is selected) merely give you more spells and actions to try in the game. No matter what the two masteries you select, you are the one that will be creating the build. Read through all the masteries before you decide on which to choose as you can't change them afterwards like you can change your skills.


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    Storm Skills

    With the twenty skills in the Storm Mastery you have a nice variety of damage and slow leech ability for your enemies. Chain Lightning is where lightning bolts go to multiple enemies. Lightning Bolt throws a bolt of lightning to your foe. Spell Shock will add damage and skill disruption. Spell Breaker is a group effect, it will drain energy and dispel enemy enhancements. Torrent will fire multiple shards and add frostburn damage. Velocity gives the ability to fire shards faster with more damage, and the chance to pass through enemies. Ice Shard fires an ice bolt to target. Eye of the Storm is a wisp that increases lightning and cold damage of allies. Summon Wisp will summon a "Storm Wisp" to fight with you. Concussive Blast will increase the radius and add electrical fragments. Thunderball gives the ability to throw electricity. Obscured Visibility and your enemy's attack and defenses are reduced inside of the squall. Squall is where your foe's projectiles are launched off course inside of the squall area. Storm Surge gives the chance to release energy damage when you are hit. Static Charge can be toggled on and off for energy reserve, it adds lightning retaliation damage. Heart of Frost can be toggled on and off for energy reserve, it slows your foe and adds extra frostburn damage. Storm Nimbus can be toggled on and off for energy reserve, it adds cold damage and lightning damage to attacks. Reflection will add general retaliation damage. Energy Shield will block all elemental damage. And the coolest looking one to me, Freezing Blast will trap your enemies in ice.

    Some of the best secondary masteries that can be paired with Storm are Spirit so that you can have access to the Ternion attack and perhaps the Defense since the Storm Mastery set doesn't really have any real defensive skills at all. Whatever hybrid you choose you will need to make sure that you read all of the masteries thoroughly so that you create the character that you'd love to play. While you can change the skills that you learn or unlearn, once you pick a mastery (or two) they are yours to keep and cannot be changed.

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