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Titan Quest, the popular RPG put out in 2006 by Iron Lore Entertainment and distributed by THQ, is still one of the most beloved fighting games out there in the gamine world. It has a single expansion in 2007 with Immortal Throne and then Iron Lore closed down in 2008 prior to coming out with another expansion. The game runs on the popular Diablo 2 platform and all the controls that you will use in the game are the exact same. There are thousands that are still slaying mythical creatures and dying in heroic battlegrounds in the ancient Rome that is Titan Quest.

Nature Mastery in the game is where you deal in poison and animal fighting mates. It’s very nice to go into a mob battle and know that you are going to have wolves come and aid you and to be able to heal your injuries should you take too much damage. It’s a very good starter mastery if you are new to the game.

The Nature Mastery is full with skills that work poison, regeneration, health, and animal help. There are special characters where you can pair another mastery with it and create unique players in the game. Pairing the Nature mastery with Earth gives you the Summoner build, with Storm gives you the Druid, and with Spirit gives you the Soothsayer build. Those three builds are classified as caster characters. Pairing Nature mastery with Warfare gives you the Champion, with Defense gives you the Guardian, with Hunting gives you the Ranger, and with Rogue will give you the Illusionist build. Those four builds are characterized as hybrid characters.

I can’t tell you what a Rogue or Ranger is going to play like, because you are going to create it customized to your playing style. It’s all about the skills that you select rather than what the game will create for you. These hybrid classes (rather than pure masteries where only one is selected) merely give you more spells and actions to try in the game. Read through all the masteries before you decide on which to choose as you can’t change them afterwards like you can change your skills. No matter what the two masteries you select, you are the one that will be creating the build.

Nature Skills and Masteries

The twenty skills in the Nature mastery are full of fun and back to basics. Refresh will instantly refreshes all your recharging skills. Sanctuary aids in the regeneration and skills in briar circle. Briar Ward is an active summon, it creates a protective barrier that enemies cannot cross. Heart of Oak can be toggled on and off for energy reserve, it increases health and speed. Tranquility of Water gives the chance to lessen the skill energy cost. Permanence of Stone will add elemental damage resistance. Regrowth is an active buff, it will heal yourself or your ally. Accelerated Growth is the ability where you can cast regrowth more often. Dissemination is where your healing can spread to allies that are nearby. Stinging Nettle is where the briar wall will have poison retaliation damage. Call of the Wild is an active summon, you can summon wolf companions. Maul is where your wolves are able to use a special attack that causes bleeding damage. Susceptibility will lower even more your enemies speed and damage resistance. Fatigue will sap speed and strength from any afflicted while Plague is an active skill that will cast a poison over your enemies. Sylvan Nymph is an active summon, it will summon up a bow using nymph to help you. Strength of the Pack lets your wolves wolf and buff all that are nearby. Survival Instinct is where your wolves can rally when they are low in health. Overgrowth is where your nymph can cast a living shield that retaliates damage. Nature’s Wrath will give your nymph’s attacks elemental damage as well.

The two secondary masteries, if making a hybrid is what you are going after, should really be Nature or Defense. Defense because the idea that you can absorb some of the damage instead of taking it all AND being able to really crack some skulls is always a good thing. Nature is a fine one to take if you like the idea of being able to heal yourself and have that take the place of any defense.

Whatever hybrid you choose you will need to make sure that you read all of the masteries thoroughly so that you create the character that you’d love to play. While you can change the skills that you learn or unlearn, once you pick a mastery (or two) they are yours to keep and cannot be changed. Some of the best secondary masteries that you can get would be Earth for the Core Dweller to fight along with you as a different type of damage dealer, or would be Hunting for the ability to have a ranged attack while your animal companions deal the damage keeping you far back from the battle.

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