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Titan Quest Skills and Masteries: Earth

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Description of the skills in Titan Quest's Earth Mastery. It will describe all the skills and the masteries that are typically taken along with Earth so that you can craft the perfect character.

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    While this article shows things from the core, or unexpanded Titan Quest game, but it did have one expansion in Immortal Throne (put out in 2007). Earlier this year, in 2008, Iron Lore closed it doors but thousands are still playing the game booth offline and online. The popular role playing Titan Quest game was distributed by THQ and it was developed in 2006 by Iron Lore Entertainment. The game brings you inside the grandness of Rome and medieval times and puts it on a Diablo 2 platform. All the controls are precisely like the Diablo 2 controls so those familiar with that game will be very used to how the game moves and feels.

    Earth Mastery in the game is where you will rain down the natural effects of stone and fire, in a grand maelstrom of attack. It is needing tons of intelligence so that your attacks will have the effect that you are going to want. Core Dweller is going to be the one skill that you will always need a point in so that you can get a summoned being there to fight with you. Two is always a better number in battle than one.

    Earth Mastery has many stone and fire skills at your disposal. There are seven special characters you can create using Earth mastery. To create a Conjurer you take a Spirit as a secondary mastery and to create a Elementalist you take a Storm secondary mastery. These are considered Full Caster classes. To create a Summoner you will pair with Nature mastery and that is considered a caster class. To be a Magician you take a Rogue secondary mastery, an Avenger takes Hunting as its secondary mastery, A Battlemage takes Warfare as its secondary mastery, and a Juggernaut takes Defense as its secondary mastery. They are considered Hybrid classes.

    These hybrid classes (rather than pure masteries where only one is selected) merely give you more spells and actions to try in the game. Read through all the masteries before you decide on which to choose as you can't change them afterwards like you can change your skills. No matter what the two masteries you select, you are the one that will be creating the build. I can't tell you what a Summoner or Battlemage is going to play like, because you are going to create it customized to your playing style. It's all about the skills that you select rather than what the game will create for you.

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    Earth Skills and Masteries

    There are twenty skills in the Earth Mastery class in Titan Quest. Of these there are ones that are designed to be a damage dealer for your character. Volatility is a passive skill, it gives a chance that fire attacks will give increased damage. Metamorphosis has the dweller becomes more resistant to damage. Eruption will give ability to have volcanic fissures open under your enemy's feet. Molten Rock will give you retaliation by fire. Wildfire has the dweller able to cast a lethal fire spell upon an area. Flame Arch is damage with jets of flames. Always a great show stopping attack that one! Fragmentation gives pieces of the orb fragment and cause more damage. Stone Skin is a group affect, and can be toggled on and off for energy reserve. Gives better armor and fire resistance. Inner Fire will give a speed bonus and regeneration. Soften Metal gives the ability to lessen the effectiveness of enemy weapons and armor. Nice to have when you are reigning down damage are the skills Conflagration which gives increased burn damage and burns over time and Barrage which is the ability to fire with more damage and more often. Volcanic Orb is an area damage skill that lobs a ball of fire to your enemy. Flame Surge fires three jets of fire at short range to target. Ring of Flame is a ring of fire that burns enemies that get too close to you. Core Dweller is the ability to summon an elemental earth guardian. Stone Form makes you hide or heal with a stone like armor. Heat Shield gives out over time or too much damage taken but it’s a protective shield for your character. Brimstone is a group affect, and can be toggled on and off for energy reserve. Gives a bonus physical damage and a chance of fire damage. Earth Enchantment is a group affect, and can be toggled on and off for energy reserve. Can imbue weapons with special fire damage. Whichever of these skills you want to pour your skill points in, they are carefully designed to give you a boost to the ability to withstand an attack and tank any group attack.

    With these twenty skills, you are better equipped to pair up with Storm so that you can add lightning to your tree of elements to reign down upon your enemy or with Nature so that you can have those wolves to be there to fight with you and take some of the damage away from you.

    Whatever hybrid you choose you will need to make sure that you read all of the masteries thoroughly so that you create the character that you'd love to play. While you can change the skills that you learn or unlearn, once you pick a mastery (or two) they are yours to keep and cannot be changed.

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