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Epic Spears in Titan Quest with Added Resistances

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

These epic spears (you'll know they're epic from their blue inked name) all have good added resistances for gameplay. Have fun with some Titan Quest playtime tonight.

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    Epic weapons, those blue inked descriptions that list more stat buffs than normal weapons and have the better perks, are some of those weapons in the game that are highly sought after. Are you able to know what ones are out there in the game? These are the Epic Spears that you can find in the unexpanded Titan Quest pc game.

    Defiler – The Defiler is a cool spear that grants the skill of Plague. It is not in an armor set, has a damage of 89-100 with a slow speed and 25% piercing ability. There is a required character level of 31, a dexterity needed of 268, and a strength required of 122. The spear has stat buffs of 10 reduced resistance for three seconds, 30% pierce resistance, 34% poison resistance, +17 dexterity, +23% attack speed, and a 35% chance of 168-192 damage over six seconds or 43 poison damage.

    Herod’s Reach – Another spear that is not part of a weapon set, this has a slow speed, a damage of 108-124, and a 30% piercing ability. There are requirements of a character level of 32, a strength of 126, and a dexterity of 281. There are stat bonuses of +20% attack speed, +44 to offensive ability, +19 to strength, 31% fire resistance, 32% pierce resistance, and +22% damage.

    Spear of Renunutet – This isn’t in a set, has a very slow speed with a 30% piercing ability, and has a damage of 114-132. There are requirements of a strength of 131, a dexterity of 295, and a character level of 35. It has a stat buff of +25% pierce damage, +44% life leech, 42 piercing damage, +110 to health, 50% poison resistance, 45% pierce damage, +10% armor protection, and 9% of attack damage converts to health.

    Nu Ba’s Nagamaki – This spear is not in a weapon set, has a very slow speed with a 30% piercing ability and a damage of 56-71 damage. It has a requirement of a character level of 22, a strength of 96, and a dexterity of 188. There are stat bonuses of +32% life leech, 9% of attack damage converted to health, 12% cold resistance, +48 to health, and a 10% chance for 1-3 seconds of stun, 1-3 seconds of freeze, or 2-4 seconds of skill disruption.

    And there you have it - some great spears that you can find in the normal Titan Quest PC game.