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Titan Quest Skills and Masteries: Defense

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Description of the skills and masteries of Defense in Titan Quest of Defense. Also tells of the secondary masteries that can be taken with Defense to create specialized characters.

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    The popular role playing Titan Quest game was distributed by THQ and it was developed in 2006 by Iron Lore Entertainment. While this article shows things from the core, or unexpanded game, it did have one expansion in Immortal Throne (put out in 2007). Earlier this year, in 2008, Iron Lore closed it doors but thousands are still playing the game booth offline and online. The game brings you inside the grandness of Rome and medieval times and puts it on a Diablo 2 platform. All the controls are precisely like the Diablo 2 controls.

    Defense Mastery in the game is where you are blending strength and dexterity for a real battle. You are working on absorbing damage or deflecting it, and when you aren't taking as much damage you are better equipped to fight in battles. They are great to pair with a real tank offensive skill for a complete character type.

    In the Defense Mastery section there are skills designed to ward off attacks and give you additional block. Shields are a big part of this as well as the ability to get over your damage quicker. You will get regenerative power as well as attack avoidance. There are seven special characters you can create with Defense. For a Conqueror you can take it with Warfare as a secondary and for a Warden you can take it with a Hunting secondary mastery. Those two are classified as a full melee character. For a Corsair you pair Defense with a Rogue mastery, it is classified as a melee character. For a Spellbinder you add a Spirit secondary mastery, for a Guardian you pair it with the Nature mastery, for a Paladin you pair it with the Storm mastery, and for the Juggernaut you pair it with the Earth mastery. Those are classified as a hybrid class.

    No matter what the two masteries you select, you are the one that will be creating the build. I can't tell you what a Juggernaut is going to play like, because you are going to create it customized to your playing style. It's all about the skills that you select rather than what the game will create for you. These hybrid classes (rather than pure masteries where only one is selected) merely give you more spells and actions to try in the game. Read through all the masteries before you decide on which to choose as you can't change them afterwards like you can change your skills.


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    Defense Skills and Mastery

    There are those twenty skills in the Defense mastery that will give you additional buffs to you and to your allies in the game. Defiance is a group effect; it will add to defense and give a chance of damage reflection. Defensive Reaction is a passive skill that will damage and speed to boost. Inspiration is a group effect that adds mana regeneration. Rally is a group effect, it gives healing and a short life regeneration boost to allies that are near. Nice in group battles. Resilience a passive skill that lets an adrenaline rush happen more often. Adrenaline is a passive skill that gives a chance of increased life regeneration when hit. Concussive Blow is a passive skill in the weapon pool, it gives club like weapons a chance to stun and it improves all stun attacks. Iron Will a group affect, it will add stun, disruption, and trap resistance. Focus is another group affect that gives shields more effectiveness. Battle Awareness is a group affect where you enter a state of enhanced defense. Have you figured out how much parties love this Mastery? Disruption is where charged foe will not be able to use skills for awhile. Shield Charge is a running attack with your shield that will stun your foe. Quick Recovery increases shield block recovery time and armor absorption. Batter will strike enemies with a shield and they will slow their attack. Rend Armor will hit multiple enemies and reduces their armor for awhile. Colossus Form will make you a giant for a short while. Pulverize is a passive skill in the weapon pool, it gives the chance to stun one or more enemies. Disable is a passive skill in the weapon pool, it gives the chance to disable enemies, slowing their attacks. Shield Smash is a passive skill in the weapon pool, it gives the chance to hit enemies with your shield. Armor Handling is a passive skill, it lowers armor requirements and increases armors absorption.

    Whichever of these skills you want to pour your skill points in, they are carefully designed to give you a boost to the ability to withstand an attack and tank any group attack.

    With these twenty skills, you are better equipped to pair up Hunting or Warfare to make a real offensive onslaught against your enemies. The passive skills will really make you tank well and give you the boost that you will need in long standing attacks against the higher end bosses. Whatever hybrid you choose you will need to make sure that you read all of the masteries thoroughly so that you create the character that you'd love to play. While you can change the skills that you learn or unlearn, once you pick a mastery (or two) they are yours to keep and cannot be changed.

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