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Titan Quest Skills and Masteries: Warfare

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Description of the skills that are in the Warfare Mastery in Titan Quest. It will describe each skill and tell you of specialized characters that you can create choosing warfare and another mastery together. Find out how to make the best character you can make.

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    Titan Quest is a popular RPG game put out in 2006 by Iron Lore Entertainment and distributed by THQ. It has a single expansion in 2007 with Immortal Throne and then Iron Lore closed down in 2008 prior to coming out with another expansion. However, there are thousands that are still slaying mythical creatures and dying in heroic battlegrounds in ancient Rome. The game runs on the popular Diablo 2 platform and all the controls that you will use in the game are the exact same. Its very click and attack.

    Warfare Mastery in the game is where you deal in dexterity and strength. You are a damage dealer and do not sit back and wait for the battle to come to you. Its skill tree is a cold blooded killer and it will make you a mean machine in battle.

    With the Warfare mastery there is many skills that rely on your ability to deal damage and lots of it. Pairing it with other masteries can create specialized characters designed for unique ways of playing the game. If you pair Warfare with Hunting you get the Slayer build. Pairing it with Defense and you get the Conqueror build. Both of these two are designed "full melee" characters. Pairing Warfare mastery with Rogue will get you the Assassin and they are designed as melee characters. Warfare with the Spirit mastery will get you the Spellbreaker, With the Nature mastery you will get the Champion build. With the Storm mastery you get the Thane build and with the Earth mastery you get the Battlemage build. All four of those builds are considered hybrids.

    Read through all the masteries before you decide on which to choose as you can't change them afterwards like you can change your skills. No matter what the two masteries you select, you are the one that will be creating the build. I can't tell you what a Spellbreaker or Battlemage is going to play like, because you are going to create it customized to your playing style. It's all about the skills that you select rather than what the game will create for you. These hybrid classes (rather than pure masteries where only one is selected) merely give you more spells and actions to try in the game.

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    Warfare Skills and Masteries

    The twenty skills that are in the Warfare mastery give way to nothing but damage, damage, and still more damage. With Weapon Training you get a passive skill that will increase your melee offense and your attack speed with your melee weapon. Hew gives the chance to attack with a jump for extra damage. Dual Wield is a passive skill in the weapon pool, gives the ability to fight with a weapon in each hand. Cross Cut will give the chance to hit two enemies with one attack. Tumult gives the chance to execute a spin attack. Dodge Attack is a passive skill that will give the chance to dodge melee attacks. Battle Standard is an active skill that will increase the melee ability of all the in range allies. Counter Attack adds the chance that you will cause retaliation damage. Crushing Blow gives chance to cause extra damage. Battle Rage is a passive skill that will give a chance to enter an extra lethal state when hit. Triumph reduces the melee ability of your enemies in range. War Wind is an active skill that gives a spin attack. Lacerate will add bleeding damage to your attacks. War Horn is an active skill that will stun your enemies with a war horn. Ardor is a charge that increases your movement speed and your attack speed. Hamstring will slow your enemies and lower their defense. Ignore Pain is a charge that will let you ignore some of your damage taken. Onslaught is an active primary attack that will build up a charge to increase damage. Doom Horn will also reduce enemy health and its armor. Ancestral Horn is an active summon, it will summon ancestral heroes to fight with you.With these twenty skills, you are better equipped to pair up with Storm so that you can add lightning to your tree of elements to reign down upon your enemy or with Nature so that you can have those wolves to be there to fight with you and take some of the damage away from you.

    The two secondary masteries, if making a hybrid is what you are going after, should really be Nature or Defense. Defense because the idea that you can absorb some of the damage instead of taking it all AND being able to really crack some skulls is always a good thing. Nature is a fine one to take if you like the idea of being able to heal yourself and have that take the place of any defense.

    Whatever hybrid you choose you will need to make sure that you read all of the masteries thoroughly so that you create the character that you'd love to play. While you can change the skills that you learn or unlearn, once you pick a mastery (or two) they are yours to keep and cannot be changed.

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