Star Trek Online "Patrol the Kassae Sector" Patrol Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Star Trek Online "Patrol the Kassae Sector" Patrol Mission Guide and Walkthrough
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Patrol the Kassae Sector

Once you’ve secured all the systems in the Sirius Sector Block, it’s time to move on Regulus.

Your first Star Trek Online patrol mission in the Regulus Sector Block is in the Kassae Sector. You’ll visit the Servin, Dace, Sardah, and Cernan systems before you’re through.

Patrol the Servin System

Starfleet wants to investigate a mysterious radiation source in the Servin System. Local Orion Pirate activity, however, is making that difficult. Your job is to clear out the pirates from the sector and their mining drones, and then investigate the radiation source, if possible.

Several groups of pirate ships are immediately visible on your map, and at least one should be within sensor range. Move from group to group, taking out the enemy ships as they come. The mining drones are poorly-armed and easily-defeated, and you can make quick work of them one at a time. The enemy ships are mostly clustered near the larger asteroids with mining installations. You may have to take out a few extra drones before you get your allotment of enemy patrols.

The radiation source is easy enough to find. A Borg sphere is leaking massive amounts of green radiation in the middle of the instance. Move close enough to scan it, then get out of the harmful radiation as quickly as possible.

Once the radiation is scanned and you’ve destroyed your assigned number of Orions, this portion of the mission is complete. On to Dace.

Patrol the Dace System

Secure the Dace System

You’ll need to exterminate a Gorn infestation before you’re finished patrolling the Dace system. Five groups of Gorn ships are congregating near the system’s large asteroids, and Starfleet wants them to vacate the premises. This is where you come in.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Move from asteroid to asteroid, taking out each group in turn. Make sure your shields and weapon systems are fully recharged before you move to the next group.

Once all five groups are taken care of and the path to the planet is clear, you’re free to move on to Sardah.

Patrol the Sardah System

Secure the Sardah System

Some Nausicaans are making trouble for local Federation citizens engaged in salvage operations in the Sardah system. Your job, not surprisingly, is to encourage them to leave the area, mostly by killing them all.

Eliminate five Nausicaan squadrons scattered throughout the debris field. Just work your way around the planet, taking them out as you go and you’ll be done in no time. You’ll find them clustered mostly near the large metallic masses in orbit.

When fighting Syphon Frigates, be sure to immediately destroy any power syphons they deploy before they can sap your ship’s energy.

Once all the Nausicaans are accounted for, it’s on to the final system in the patrol, Cernan.

Patrol the Cernan System

Scan for Debris in the Cernan System

Unlike the rest of the missions in this patrol, you’ll have to set foot on the surface of Cernan before you can finish this task. Approach the planet and scan for anything out of the ordinary.

Once you’re in transporter range, you’ll need to beam down to check out some mysterious ship wreckage. Select the other member of your away team and head down to investigate.

This mission is a two man job, so you won’t be facing any combat this time. Instead, you’ll need to locate and scan several pieces of ship debris. The first piece is directly in front of you when you materialize. Afterward, you’ll need to locate and scan four more pieces.

Use the “V” key to scan for nearby objects and follow the direction the light points you toward. Find and scan all the pieces and your patrol is complete.

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