Star Trek Online "Researcher Rescue" Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Star Trek Online "Researcher Rescue" Mission Guide and Walkthrough
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“Researcher Rescue”

The first Star Trek Online story mission to take you outside the safety of the Sirius Sector Block is “Researcher Rescue.” In this mission, you’ll have to leave Sirius and head out to Regulus to get started.

Before you’ve finished this one, you’ll do battle with Gorn forces both on the ground and in space, rescue a handful of researchers, and even put in some time as a volunteer firefighter.

The Kassae System

You’ll start the “Researcher Rescue” mission in the Kassae system. You’ll find it at the far south end of the Sector Block.

Once you warp in, your tactical officer will let you know that several Gorn ships have been spotted in the system, and they are blocking your path to the station you’re there to check out. You’ll have to take care of them before you can proceed.

The Gorn groups consist mostly of frigates and a few fighters. You should be able to take them out quickly if you remember your Star Trek Online space combat basics.

Once the Gorn ships are dealt with, move close to the station and scan it to determine the problem. Your science officer detects that the station has been heavily damaged, and you’ll have to beam down with an away team to repair it.

Onboard the Relay Station

Star Trek Online Fire Extinguisher

Once you materialize on the station, a Federation scientist will rush up to you, begging for help. Click on the green text to get your next objective. Some personnel are trapped by fire, and you’ll have to work your way towards them and get them out. You’ll find a set of fire suppression equipment on the wall directly in front of you, to the left of the flaming doorway. Move close enough, then use the “F” key to pick it up.

You’l need to press “U” to open up your inventory and drag the fire suppression unit to one of your device slots. This way you can use it from the hotbar as you work through the station. I highly recommend dealing with any fires you come across, even if you can walk around them because, chances are, your away team members are not going to avoid them and will end up taking damage.

Put Out Fires in Star Trek Online

Your first scientist is surrounded by a group of Gorn just east of where you beam in. Take out the fire, then engage the Gorn to rescue the hostage. Afterward, talk to the scientist to beam them back to your ship.

The second group of Gorn is located in a corridor to your West. Take them out then follow the hallway to the next group, found at the top of the ramp.

Take out the fire at the other end of the room and go straight ahead to rescue the next scientist, standing in a short hallway all alone. You’ll also find an item crate here to loot. At the North end of the large hallway is a massive room filled with Gorn. As you enter, you’ll have to take out a group, so be prepared.

Beam Scientists to Safety

Your next scientist is located atop the raised platform in the large room. You can’t see them from the entrance but if you walk up the ramp, taking out any fires along the way, you’ll eventually spot them at the other end. Get close enough and beam them to safety.

The final scientist is trapped behind a wall of flame in the antechamber to the West. Clear a path, then beam them out as well. Once the final scientist is clear, you’re ready to beam back to your ship.

Back on your ship, your next task is to investigate a dig site on a nearby planet.

Dig Site on Kassae IV

The Surface of Kassae IV

You’ll warp into orbit of Kassae IV and find yourself immediately ambushed by Gorn. The first group will attack almost immediately. If you are facing a Cruiser, be sure to keep your distance and avoid getting pummeled by its mines.

After the first group is dealt with, make your way to the second and take it out, as well. Once the skies are clear, you can beam down to Kassae IV.

Three energy towers power a shield that prevents you from reaching the archeologists being held hostage in a central building. You’ll have to work your way to each tower, taking out any Gorn who stand in your way.

Deactivate Towers on Kassae IV

This is easiest if you head toward the central building first then move out toward each tower from there, rather than going cross country. You can take on Gorn groups individually this way, and move at your own pace.

If a red circle appears beneath you, move immediately unless you want to absorb a mortar strike. Find the Gorn responsible and take him out as quickly as possible.

Whenever possible, separate the Ra’wiqs and their groups of Attack Saurs and take them out on their own. You don’t want to risk one of them sneaking up on you when you’ve already engaged a group of Gorn.

Battle the Gorn Captain

Disable the Gorn Hostage Ship

Once the last generator has been disabled, the shield surrounding the central building will fall. Head there to take on the Gorn captain. Once you attack, he’ll send out his herd of Attack Saurs. Deal with them in any order you wish, just make sure the Captain gets taken out.

The combat is quick, however, because the Captain beams back to his ship before you can kill him. Once you’ve taken out the remaining Attack Saurs, beam back to your ship to take him on again.

Back in space, you’ll discover that the Captain has beamed aboard a Gorn battleship, which you must now defeat. He’s also taken the missing researchers hostage onboard, so you’ll have to beam them out before destroying him.

Keep your distance from the battleship, as it uses both mines and a radiation cloud that can do severe damage to your ship. Stay back and chip away at his defenses with your phasers and torpedoes.

Once you’ve taken the ship’s health down to around 25%, you’ll be able to beam the hostages aboard. They’ll asked to be beamed back to the planet to continue their research and your mission is complete. Congratulations. Contact Admiral Quinn for your reward.

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