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Star Trek Online Mission Guide: "Hide and Seek"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Hide and Seek is the third story mission you'll undertake as a Starfleet Lieutenant. In this journey into a dangerous nebula, you will do battle with Gorn forces and storm an illicit Klingon listening post.

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    Hide and Seek

    Admiral Quinn's next mission will find you making your way to the Lackey system in an attempt to figure out the meaning of the message sent by the Undine agent you discovered in "Diplomatic Orders." Along the way you'll find yourself battling Gorn, stealing decalithium, and battling Klingons inside a secret listening post.

    Hardly a routine mission.

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    The Lackey System

    U.S.S Valor in Your first stop in "Hide and Seek" is the Lackey System, located in the Orion Sector of the Sirius Sector Block. It's just a short flight from Earth, so getting there shouldn't be too difficult.

    Once you warp into the system, you'll immediately receive a distress call from the U.S.S. Valor. She has been attacked by a group of Gorn ships and needs your assistance. Head toward the aggressors and dispatch them as quickly as possible. You should have little trouble with the two Gorn ships.

    Afterward, the captain of the Valor will contact you, explaining that their engines have experienced an unanticipated drain due to the effects of the nebula. The Valor needs your help to gather new dilithium crystals before they can get underway. Luckily, several illegal Gorn mining outposts are nearby.

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    Gather Dilithium Crystals

    Mining Station in The mining outposts are pretty easy to spot. Maneuver near the closest one and press the "F' Button (or the on-screen prompt) to begin beaming crystals aboard your ship.

    Make your way around the system, beaming up crystals every time you find yourself close enough to an outpost. Keep an eye out, though, because a Draguas Cruiser is patrolling the area, and you don't want it to take you by surprise.

    When fighting the cruiser, the main thing to look out for are its mines. Attack from a distance, shoot down any mines that get close, and don't get directly behind it and you should have no problem taking it down.

    After gathering the fourth set of crystals, head back to the Valor as quickly as possible, and prepare to do battle with yet another Draguas Cruiser. Take care of it, then move close enough to the U.S.S. Valor to make the "Talk to U.S.S. Valor" box pop up. Press "F" to deliver your dilithium. Afterward, the captain advises you to head for Lackey III to find a way to boost your engines.

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    Lackey III

    Decalithium Refinery in After you warp in, you'll find the decalithium processing facility directly in front of you. Don't think the Gorn are going to just let you walk in and take what you're after, however. You're in for a bit of a fight here.

    Several Vishap Frigates orbit the facility. Try and separate and take them on individually if possible. If not, it shouldn't be a huge deal. Three Gorn frigates are still no match for a Federation Light Cruiser. After the enemy ships have been defeated, you can attempt to beam up decalithum from the facility.

    After doing so, your engineer will inform you that they have detected some type of transporter interference, and that a nearby jamming station may be the cause. Make your way over to the jamming station. Another Draguas Cruiser may arrive to slow you down, but use the same tactics as earlier and you should have no problem with it.

    Defeated Draguas Cruiser in Beam the charges onto the jamming station and watch the glorious explosion. Then head back to the refinery and beam up your decalithium. Another cruiser appears to stop you. You can either deal with it as before or, with some skillful maneuvering, make your way to the other side of the refinery to break line of sight (rendering them unable to attack you), beam up your decalithium, then quickly warp out without firing a single shot.

    Next stop, the Paulson Nebula.

    Page two has the rest of Star Trek Online's "Hide and Seek," including a dangerous trip through a minefield in the Paulson Nebula and a showdown with Klingon forces aboard a hidden listening post.

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    The Paulson Nebula

    Paulson Nebula in When you arrive in the nebula, your engineer should inform you of several suspicious readings nearby. You'll be required to maneuver close to and scan five different suspicious objects in the area. All five objects can be found on your map, and most are guarded by Gorn forces. Fight your way through, scanning each object as soon as the coast is clear.

    As you scan the fourth object, the "Derelict Hulk," a Brigand Cruiser will warp in and attack. This ship is likely tougher than anything you've faced, but just remember your basic combat tactics and you'll be fine. Afterward, head for the final object, an enormous asteroid surrounded by a minefield.

    Paulson Nebula Minefield There are a couple approaches you can take to clearing the mines. Some prefer to barrel in, absorbing mine blasts against the ship's hull and hoping for the best, while others like to pick them off one at a time and work their way through slowly. Whichever approach you choose, be prepared to battle a K'Tanco Battle Cruiser once you get inside. The K'Tanco will fall quickly, and you should have little trouble unless your ship is severely weakened by mines. Move up to the asteroid and scan it to continue.

    The scan reveals a Klingon listening station hidden within the asteroid, and that's your next "Hide and Seek" destination.

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    Play Hide and Seek With the Klingons

    Battle Klingons in Klingon Computer Core Your mission on the station is to upload data from the Klingon computer core. You'll have to fight your way through several groups to Klingons to get there. Many Klingons will rush you to engage in melee combat, so don't forget to use your melee attack to gain a little breathing room. Keep an eye out for anomalous data as you move through the station, as well.

    You'll find the core in the large room at the end of the hallway. Clear the area before you begin the upload. The Swordmaster atop the raised platform is the only real challenge here, but even he falls quickly to 4 on 1 odds. Once all the surrounding Klingons have fallen, use the console in the center of the room to begin the upload.

    Several groups of Klingons will beam in while the upload takes place. Stand your ground and take them out as quickly as possible. Once the upload is complete, so is the mission. Beam back to your ship after you've picked up all the assorted loot that drops.

    Once you're safely aboard your ship, contact Admiral Quinn for your reward which includes some merits and a nice kit upgrade. For more walkthroughs of other Star Trek Online missions, check out the rest of the articles in this series.

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