Star Trek Online Mission Guide: "Stop the Signal:" Full Walkthrough and Quest Description

Star Trek Online Mission Guide: "Stop the Signal:" Full Walkthrough and Quest Description
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“Stop the Signal”

Stop the Signal is the next in the chain of Star Trek Online Lieutenant missions. In this one, you’ll find yourself sneaking through an asteroid field, destroying a set of inhibitors, storming a Klingon base, and engaging in battle with the Undine alongside some very peculiar allies.

Check out the full walkthrough for details.

The Bomari System

Defeat all the Klingons Near the Listening Relay

“Stop the Signal” begins in the Bomari System. You’ll find it in the Risa Sector of the Sirius Sector Block.

Your first task is to maneuver your ship close to the signal repeater off your bow and scan it. Keeping close to the large asteroids will make your ship harder for enemies to detect, but it’s safe to say that you’re not going to get through this mission without doing a little fighting. You’re not required to avoid combat to complete the mission, it can just make it go a bit faster, so it’s up to you.

Full impulse is also unusable in this area, so you’ll have to get by on thrusters only for a bit. Once you reach the relay, three Klingon Birds of Prey will decloak and attack. Afterward you’ll be able to scan the relay.

Your tactical officer informs you that an enemy signal has been piggybacked onto the relay’s communications. You’re off to Bomari II to investigate.

Bomari II

Destroy the Transport Inhibitors

Beam Down to the Klingon Listening Post

Four transporter disruptors prevent you from beaming down to the outpost on a nearby asteroid. You’ll need to locate and destroy them all before you can head to the listening station.

Klingon ships guard the disruptors, but the Birds of Prey are nothing you haven’t taken down before. Approach the disruptors one at a time and clear out the enemies before moving on. Don’t forget to destroy the satellites, as well.

After you’ve taken out all four disruptors, move back into transporter range of the outpost and beam down.

Page two has the rest of the Star Trek Online mission “Stop the Signal,” including a showdown with Klingon forces onboard one of their outposts and an all-out space battle with a powerful Undine Dreadnaught.

Klingon Listening Station

Onboard the station, your job is to set six spatial charges on the station’s plasma heat exchangers. You’ll have to take out any Klingon resistance you encounter along the way. The first heat exchanger is immediately in front of you as you beam in. Plant your first charge and then move down the hallway to the first door on your right. Inside is the station’s second heat exchanger, but you’re going to have to take out a group of Klingons to get to it.

Move into the room to avoid aggroing the group at the top of the ramp and let them have it. Don’t forget that you can pause the action to issue commands to your squad by pressing the “P” key. Plant the second charge and move on.

The room at the top of the ramp is absolutely filled with bad guys, so try and pull them to you a group at a time so you don’t get ovewhelmed. The final four heat exchangers are located in this room, but make sure you’ve cleared out the area before planting your charges. Retreat back down the hallway if you get in trouble here, as the narrow corridor will make it harder for the Klingons to flank

Download the Data from This Computer

Plant Charges on the Heat Exchangers in the Star Trek Online Mission


After you’ve planted the last four charges, you’ll need to use the central computer on the lower level in the room to download the communications data to your ship. Start the download, and be ready to fight.

Your download is interrupted by a group of Klingon attackers. Make sure you take out the Targ Handler first, as he’ll continually spawn War Targs if you don’t. When the last Klingon falls, he reveals himself as an Undine before beaming off the station.

Move back to the computer and re-initiate the download. Afterwards, quickly beam back to your Star Trek Online ship to pursue the Undine.

Undine Pursuit

Take on an Undine Dreadnaught in

Team up with Klingons to Take Out an Undine Dreadnaught in the Star Trek Online Mission

Back in space, you’re immediately attacked by a K’t’inga Battle Cruiser. This will be a tough fight, but in the end even a cruiser is no match for your ship. Afterward, your tactical officer discovers that the Klingons have engaged the Undine in a nearby debris field. Warp out and join the fight.

In the debris field, you’ll find a Tethys Dreadnaught engaged in a pitched battle with a group of Klingon ships. This is an unlikely alliance, but you’ll all need to work together to defeat the Undine. Keep your distance and concentrate your fire on the Dreadnaught as much as possible. Don’t pay too much attention to the Frigates unless one attacks you directly, as they will constantly respawn no matter how many you take out.

After the Dreadnaught is taken out, you’ll need to mop up the remaining frigates. When the battle is won, the Klingon commander will signal you. In honor of your well-fought battle against the Undine, he’s decided to let you live, for now. Soak it up, because cooperation between Klingons and the Federation is rare in Star Trek Online.

Afterward, warp out to sector space and contact Starfleet. Admiral Quinn offers you some merits, skillpoints, and a choice between a new weapon for your ship or a uncommon Bridge Officer. Personally, the weapon seems like the better choice since you can always train your Bridge Officers in any skill you’re looking for, but it’s up to you.

Congratulations, you’ve stopped the signal for good.

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