Star Trek Online Veteran Rewards: Exclusive Titles, Ships, Emotes, and Other Bonuses

Star Trek Online Veteran Rewards: Exclusive Titles, Ships, Emotes, and Other Bonuses
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To practically no one’s surprise, Cryptic recently announced that they were introducing a Veteran’s Rewards program for Star Trek Online. Similar to the programs that already exist for their previous games, players can earn special items, titles, and bonuses simply by virtue of having active subscriptions for certain periods of time.

For STO, you’ll receive a new Veteran’s Reward every 100 days you have an active account. Let’s take a look at all the goodies you can earn through extended Federation service.

100 Day Veteran’s Rewards

The first level of STO Veteran’s Rewards comes at 100 days. Captains who complete this length of service will receive:

The exclusive title, "Stalwart."
  • One free full respec, allowing them to reset their skillpoints and reallocate them as they see fit.
  • An exclusive costume piece, a special “Veteran” badge for in-game uniforms
  • A 2% Captain and Officer skill point boost, active for skills up to Lieutenant Commander rank 6.

The exclusive title and costume pieces are cool ways to show off just how long you’ve been playing the game, and the respec and skill boost are actually very useful. Nice of Cryptic to throw in a combination of cosmetic and practical rewards for continually paying subscription fees.

200 Day Veteran’s Rewards

Star Trek Online Veteran’s Rewards

At 200 days of paid time, players will gain access to a second tier of exclusive rewards, including:

  • The exclusive “Redoubtable” title.
  • One free additional ship slot.
  • A second exclusive costume piece, a special Veteran Uniform.
  • A 3% boost to Captain and Bridge Officer skill points, up to the rank of Lieutenant Commander 6.

While the “Redoubtable” title may be a mouthful, it’s hard to complain about exclusive uniform pieces and an additional ship slot. The additional boost to skill points is another welcome addition, as most captains never seem to have enough to fill out every skill they’d like to have.

300 Day Veteran’s Rewards

Star Trek Online Space Station

300 days is roughly 10 months of playtime, so it’ll be awhile before anyone starts picking up these rewards. Still, they appear to be worth waiting for.

  • The exclusive title, “Dauntless.”
  • An additional free character slot (previously only available in the Star Trek Online C-Store).
  • The ship emote “Firework.”
  • 4% boost to both Bridge Officer and Captain skill points up to LC6.

Dauntless is a fairly impressive title, and the free character slot upgrade is a welcome addition for those wishing to check out an additional specialization. Ship emotes are rare, so offering one through this program is a cool way to allow players to show off their veteran status.

400 Day Veteran’s Rewards

400 days of total subscription time is when the real good rewards start to roll in. They include:

  • The exclusive title, “Valiant.”
  • A second full respec, full of charge.
  • Access to the Lifetime Subscribers' exclusive station, The Captain’s Table
  • An exclusive free vanity ship, the “Captain’s Yacht.”
  • A 5% boost to Captain and BO skills up to the rank of LC6.

I’m sure the addition of Captain’s Table access will anger some lifetime subscribers, but they’ll have plenty of time to get over it before anyone reaches 400 total days of playing time. The Captain’s Yacht ship is another cool way to show off your veteran status, even if it is a bit of a pain to have to go to a Starbase to use it (similar to the DS9 Runabout).

This is just the first tier of what I’m sure are many more levels of Star Trek Online Veteran’s Rewards to come. With cool exclusive titles, respecs, emotes, and ships to earn, players considering canceling their accounts may have to think twice.