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    • Star Trek Online Mission Guide: "Stranded in Space"
      In your first Star Trek Online mission, Admiral Quinn tasks you with finding a missing freighter, the S.S. Azura. This mission provides your first taste of both ground and space combat, as well as (hopefully) some new equipment and a new member for your crew. Check out the full walkthrough.
    • Star Trek Online Patrol Missions: "Patrol the Vulcan Sector"
      Your first patrol mission has you taking on Orion pirates, destroying an illegal shipyard, and placating some angry miners in the Beytan, Pico, Bhea, and Kei systems. Our guide to the patrol has full details and a walkthrough for each mission.
    • Complete Guide to Tier 5 Vessels in Star Trek: Online
      Now that you're an Admiral, you have access to the most advanced ships in Starfleet. Check out full stats on the Assault Cruiser, Star Cruiser, Advanced Escort, Fleet Escort, Deep Space Science Vessel, and Reconnaissance Science Vessel.
    • Star Trek Online Patrol Missions: "Patrol the Risa Sector"
      The final Star Trek Online Patrol Mission in the Sirius Sector Block is the Risa Sector patrol. Prepare yourself for some space combat, as you'll be fighting Klingons or Gorn in all four systems of this patrol: Tazi, Doonia, Koolhaas, and Omar.
    • Star Trek Online Mission Guide: "Stop the Signal"
      "Stop the Signal" once again sees Star Trek Online players engaging in battle with the treacherous Undine. With their superior weapons and shapeshifting ability, you're going to need all the help you can get to get through this mission.
    • Star Trek Online Fleet Actions: Starbase 24
      Your first STO Fleet Action is Starbase 24. You'll warp into the midst of a huge space battle, then be asked to rescue some scientists and fly them to safety. Along the way you'll contend with a Klingon fleet and explore what's left of the doomed starbase.
    • Star Trek Online Mission Guide: "Researcher Rescue"
      For your first venture into the wider world of Federation space, you'll do battle with Gorn forces, put out a few fires, and rescue some scientists who have stumbled upon some valuable Gorn artifacts.
    • Guide to Klingon Empire Species in Star Trek Online
      Whether you're looking to create a Gorn, Klingon, Nausicaan, Lethean, or Orion warrior, our guide to Klingon Empire species in Star Trek Online has you covered. Check out our full listing of species and their associated bonus traits.
    • Star Trek Online C Store Items: Ship Customization
      The second half of our guide to Star Trek Online C Store items covers all the unique ship customization options available for purchase with Cryptic Points. Whether you're looking to personalize your bridge layout or create the most unique ship exterior possible, there's something here for you.
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