Star Trek Online Mission Guide: "Patrol the Risa Sector"

Star Trek Online Mission Guide: "Patrol the Risa Sector"
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The third patrol mission of your Starfleet career is a quick spin around the Risa Sector. This four-system patrol is also your last in the Sirius Sector Block. Future missions will have you venturing farther out from Sol.

The first stop on your Risa patrol is the Tazi System. You’ll be making stops in the Omar, Donia, and Koolhaas sectors before you’ve finished this one.

Secure the Tazi System

Battle Klingons in the Tazi System

The Tazi System patrol begins, like many patrol missions, with an incoming message. The leader of a group of local scientists asks you to find and destroy groups of cloaked Klingon ships in the area.

There are five groups of Klingons to eliminate. The first is visible about 20 kilometers from your warp in position. Most of the groups will consist of a single visible ship and a pair of reinforcements who decloak the second you get close.

Resist the urge to fire on the visible ship and instead wait for the others to decloak. You will have a few seconds after they appear where their shields will be down. Make sure you’re read to deliver some punishment as soon as they appear, and hopefully you can do some major damage before their defenses are raised.

Other than than, basic STO space combat tactics apply here. Make sure your shields are recharged and your cooldowns are ready before moving onto the next group and you should do fine.

After five groups are defeated, you’re ready to move on to the Omar system.

Secure the Omar System

Omar System Klingon Mining Outpost

Take on a Klingon Bird of Prey in the Omar System

In the Omar System, your mission is to take out five Klingon automated mining outposts. Of course, the Klingons aren’t going to just let you waltz in and destroy them, so you can expect a bit of resistance.

The object of this mission is technically just to take out the mining operations. It may be possible to do so and get away from the defenders using an ability like Evasive Maneuvers, but for the most part you’re going to be a doing some fighting to complete your objectives.

The first outpost is easily spotted, patrolled by several Klingon ships very near to your warp in point. Move in and destroy them and their mining operation. If you encounter To’Duj fighters, make sure you take them out first. They go down quickly, but can do an annoyingly large amount of damage if left unchecked.

The robotic mining operations are found on asteroids, and are easily dispatched once you have dealt with any nearby Klingons. Just head toward any enemy signals you see on your map or your HUD, a mining operation is sure to be nearby. Once you’ve taken care of five, it’s off to the Donia System.

Secure the Donia System

Star Trek Online Omar System

Battle Vishap Frigates in the Donia System

More Star Trek Online space combat awaits in the Donia System. This time, however, it’s Gorn ships you’re clearing out of the area. At least Cryptic was kind enough to give us a bit of variety in enemies for this one.

The Gorn are all hanging out in the asteroid belt to the East of the planet on your map. Just move from group to group and take them out as quickly as possible. Make sure you’ve completely eliminated one group before moving on, as you don’t want to be stuck fighting two at once.

The groups mostly contain Vishap Frigates, which are nothing you haven’t seen before. Work your way through until you’ve taken down five groups, then move on to Koolhaas.

Secure the Koolhaas System

Scan the Huge Green Asteroids in the Koolhaas System

Take on Klingons in Search of Decalithium in Koolhaas

In Koolhaas, you’ll be asked to scan seven asteroids. The Federation is looking for supplies of Decalithium and is counting on you to determine if this system has any.

Unfortunately, the Klingons are looking for Decalithium as well, so you won’t find all the asteroids undefended.

The asteroids you’re looking for are easy to spot from just about anywhere in the zone. They’re green, and about 4 times larger than any other rocks orbiting the planet. Make your way from asteroid to asteroid, scanning as you go. You don’t have to drop out of full impulse to scan, so a fly by will work perfectly for most of them.

Try and avoid Klingons if you don’t want to fight. You’re not required to take them on to complete this patrol. Be ready when you approach an asteroid, though, as some have cloaked ships defending them. A few will even have powerful warships, so be prepared.

If you’re really eager to avoid combat on this one, try and put the asteroid between you and your attackers. This will give you a chance to scan the asteroid without being attacked, then hit Evasive Maneuvers to put some distance between you and your enemy before they can come around the huge rock and get a bead on you. If you’re lucky you can get out of range and hit full impulse to move on without having to fight. This works best with the Warships and Raptor Escorts, the Birds of Prey can usually close the gap, so you’re better off fighting them.

Complete seven scans and your patrol of the Risa Sector is complete.

Contact Starfleet for your reward: 104 Skill Points, 26 Bridge Officer Skill Points, 42 Starfleet Merits, and a new kit for your character.

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