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Star Trek Online Patrol Missions: "Patrol the Vulcan Sector"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Your first patrol mission has you taking on Orion pirates, destroying an illegal shipyard, and placating some angry miners in the Beytan, Pico, Bhea, and Kei systems. Our guide to the patrol has full details and a walkthrough for each mission.

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    Your first Star Trek Online patrol mission is "Patrol the Vulcan Sector." The object of a patrol mission is simple: visit each of the systems in a sector, solve any problems they may be having, then contact Starfleet for your reward.

    Usually, these missions involve a fair bit of combat, though you will get the occasional mission of the "scan five of x" variety, as well. For "Patrol the Vulcan Sector," you will be required to visit the Kei, Bhea, Pico, and Beytan systems, all of which are located in the Sirius Sector Block, right on Earth's doorstep.

    One unusual note about the Vulcan patrol: you don't actually have to visit the Vulcan system. As Sulu tells you, it's pretty secure on its own.

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    Patrol the Kei System

    Battling Orion Pirates in Warping into Kei, you'll discover a federation mining colony under attack by Orion pirates for refusing to pay their "protection fees." Your task is to defend them from the attackers. Once you've defeated the initial group, some reinforcements, probably a Marauder Battleship and a couple Orion Corvettes, will appear. Take them down just as you did the first group.

    After the initial battle, the colony will contact you to ask that you remove three more outlying squadrons from the system. They can be found near the large asteroids located in the system. These squadrons will consist mostly of the types of Orions you defeated in the first two waves, though the final group will be a little tougher.

    The Brigand Cruiser and accompanying Raider Fighters can seem difficult when compared to their weaker counterparts, but just remember your basic tactics and use your abilities and you should have no problems. Take out the Raider Fighters first, as they die quickly and can deal serious damage if not dealt with quickly.

    After the third group has been taken care of, the colony will message you again. Mission complete, time to head to Bhea.

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    Patrol the Bhea System

    Orion Drydocks in Bhea System Patrol Once you warp into Bhea, your tactical officer will report several Orion drydock facilities, with accompanying defense squadrons, in the system. Your task is to find and eliminate seven of these structures. They are easily visible, just head for the first one you see and start blasting away, making sure to take out any enemy ships before firing on the drydocks.

    Work your way through the system, moving from drydock to drydock, defeating any enemies you may encounter. Mostly Brigand Cruisers and Orion Corvettes stand in your way, nothing you can't handle.

    The final drydock is defended by two Weakened Battleships. They are slightly tougher, but still no real challenge for a Federation Light Cruiser

    After the final drydock is defeated, you are free to return to sector space. Your work here is done.

    Page two has the second half of the patrol, where you'll find yourself escorting a lost freighter in the Pico system and negotiating with some angry miners in an away mission to Beytan V.

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    Patrol the Pico System

    Lost Freighter in Pico Patrol In the Pico System, your task is to locate a transport that went missing from one of the local mining facilities. Finding the ship is fairly simple, as it is easily visible from the position you arrive in, all you need to do is rotate your camera slightly to the left. The transport should be sitting approximately 27km away. Make your way over to it.

    Move alongside the freighter and hail them. The ship's captain will request an escort back to the mining facility. You must keep the freighter within 3k of your ship to succeed, so full impulse is out of the question, I'm afraid.

    The closest mining facility is several kilometers away. If you follow a course pretty much straight ahead from the freighter's original position (the nose of the freighter is pointing in the direction you need to go), you'll arrive in no time.

    Once you're close enough, the captain will send his thanks, and you're free to return to sector space, mission completed.

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    Patrol the Beytan System

    Chief Vanderberg in Beytan Patrol The final mission of this patrol takes you to the Beytan System. Notice that that is "Beytan" with a "B," not "Reytan" with an "R." Don't head in the wrong direction just because there are two systems in the sector with similar names.

    The Beytan mission is the only one on this patrol that asks you to beam down to a planet. No combat is required here, however. Your negotiation skills are what Chief Vanderberg is looking for. Beam down to the planet to help him out with his miner problems. You'll need to move into range of the planet to do so.

    Once on the planet, you need to talk to four separate miners and listen to their grievances. First, though, you need to talk to Mr. Vanderberg himself. He is immediately in front of you when you materialize.

    Angry Miners in Beytan Patrol The miners are located in two different parts of the camp. Joe Hadley is located in the Northwest corner of the compound near a building, while Prochaska, Samantha Lewis, and Perry Schmitter hang out near the building with the single tall tower at the South end. You need to speak to each of them to continue.

    After they have finished their whining, return to Chief Vanderberg and speak to him. He will put your listening skills to the test. You were paying attention, weren't you?

    It's cool if you weren't, we've got you covered. The answers to his questions are: "No," "Yes," "No," "Yes," "Yes." Most of the answers are pretty easy to figure out.

    Answer the questions right and your Star Trek Online Mission is complete. Congratulations, you've just finished your first patrol.

    Once you're back aboard ship, contact Akira Sulu at Starfleet for your rewards. You should receive 208 Skillpoints, 52 Bridge Officer Skillpoints, 84 Starfleet Merits, and a choice of a new bridge officer. Don't forget to accept the "Patrol the Orion Sector" mission before you sign off with Mr. Sulu.

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