Star Trek Online Patrol Mission "Patrol the Orion Sector:" Do Battle With Klingons and Orions in the Kinjer and Reytan Systems

Star Trek Online Patrol Mission "Patrol the Orion Sector:" Do Battle With Klingons and Orions in the Kinjer and Reytan Systems
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Patrol the Orion Sector

The second patrol mission most Star Trek Online captains will find them on is a patrol of the Orion Sector. This mission will require you to travel to the Reytan, Kinjer, Una, and Pellme systems, and deal with whatever problems you may encounter.

The major focus of this patrol is combat, you’ll do battle with both Orion Pirates and Klingon forces before being asked to perform some minor repairs on Pellme II.

Patrol the Reytan System

The first stop on your patrol of the Orion Sector is the Reytan System. Upon warping in, your tactical officer will inform you that some local communications relays have been offline for a few days.

The most likely cause of this disturbance is some nearby Orion Syndicate forces. Your orders are to eliminate them so the communications relays can be repaired. There are five squadrons that you’ll need to take care of.

The first relay is easily visible from your warp in point. Head toward it and you’ll notice several Orion ships nearby. Engage them.

The Corvettes are weak and should go down fairly easily, even in groups of three. The Brigand Cruisers are a bit tougher, but still no real challenge on the default difficulty. Make your way from relay to relay, taking out groups of pirates as you travel. You should have the system cleared in no time.

Patrol the Kinjer System

Kinjer System Probe and Hidden Klingon Base

The next stop on your patrol is the Kinjer System. When you arrive, your science officer informs you that Starfleet has dispatched some probes to the system, but has been unable to recover the data from them. Guess where you come in?

Your mission is to get close enough to each of the five probes to download their data, and then report back to Starfleet. This won’t be a simple scanning mission, however, as the probes are guarded by Klingon ships. The probes aren’t marked on your map, but you should be able to find them simply by moving from group of enemies to group of enemies. Each group should be positioned near a probe.

The Warships will be a little challenging, but the Birds of Prey should go down easily unless you get into

Battle Klingons for Probes in the Kinjer System Patrol

more than one group at a time. Defeat the Klingons and download the data from the five probes.

After the fifth, your tactical officer will inform you of a nearby Klingon base and the necessity of destroying it. You’ll find it on the large nearby asteroid.

The base is guarded by a K’Tinga Battle Cruiser, but with a little bit of luck and some skillful maneuvering you can avoid fighting it. Either way, destroy the base and this portion of your patrol is complete.

Patrol the Una System

Battle Klingons Near Perimeter Satellites in the Una Patrol

In the Una System, your mission is to patrol perimeter satellites and take out any Klingons you encounter nearby. Pretty straightforward.

There are five groups of Klingons to destroy, and you’ll find them hanging out near the aforementioned satellites. Follow the perimeter around the planet until you come across an enemy. Be sure to drop out of full impulse outside of weapons range, though, so you don’t risk getting caught with your pants down when more ships decloak and assist the one you initially spotted.

After all five groups of Klingon ships are defeated, you are free to leave the system.

Patrol the Pellme System

Find and Repair Seismic Sensors On Pellme II

Your final mission on this patrol takes place on Pellme II. Your first task is to approach the planet and scan for seismic activity. After an initial scan, your science officer will conclude that the only way to ensure the reading are accurate is to beam down to the planet. Choose your away team and transport down.

Your task on the planet is to scan seismic sensors, the first of which is right in front of you. Walk up to it and perform a scan with your tricorder. You’ll discover that the sensor has been sabotaged, and your mission is to find and repair the other sensors.

Visibility on Pellme II is limited, but you can scan with your tricorder to find nearby sensors (default key “V”). The sensors are also marked by circles on your minimap. Find each one and interact with it to perform repairs.

Repair the remaining four sensor and your mission and patrol are complete.

Once you’ve left the planet, contact Akira Sulu for your reward: 156 skillpoints, 39 Bridge Officer skillpoints, 63 Starfleet merits, and a new kit for your captain.

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