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Star Trek Online Mission Guide: "Stranded in Space"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

In your first Star Trek Online mission, Admiral Quinn tasks you with finding a missing freighter, the S.S. Azura. This mission provides your first taste of both ground and space combat, as well as (hopefully) some new equipment and a new member for your crew. Check out the full walkthrough.

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    The first mission most players receive after completing the Star Trek Online tutorial mission is "Stranded in Space." This mission, which charges you with finding and rescuing the S.S. Azura, is your first real taste of both space and ground combat.

    Our walkthrough covers all aspects of this important mission.

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    Finding the S.S. Azura

    Malcom Sissel at Earth Spacedock After Admiral Quinn gives you the mission, your first step should be to head straight to the shipyard and speak to Malcom Sissel. You'll find him standing right in front of the massive holographic ship. Sissel informs you that the S.S. Azura has stopped communicating, and charges you with finding it.

    Once you've finished speaking to Sissel, beam out to your ship and warp out to Sector Space. In sector space, press the "M" key to bring up your map. Either find the S.S. Azura on the map (it's just southeast of the Sol System) and click it or click over to the System List tab and double click "S.S. Azura." En route, you should receive a message from the captain of the Azura.

    When you reach the Azura in sector space, press "F" to enter the instance and begin your rescue.

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    Your First Real Space Combat

    S.S. Azura Space Battle When you warp into the instance, you'll receive another message from the Azura, begging for assistance. Four Orion ships are in the sector. The first two are just in front of you, slightly above and off to the right. Make your way over and engage them.

    The Orion pirates are no match for a Federation starship, so you should be able to make quick work of them. Concentrate your fire on areas that aren't protected by shields and use any Bridge Officer abilities that you have. Once you've dispatched the first two Corvettes, move toward the Azura to help her fend off her attackers.

    The second pair of Corvettes should fall as easily as the first. After they're destroyed, pick up any loot that may have dropped (maneuver close to it and press "F"), then move into scanning range (approximately 3.5k) of the Azura and press "F" once more to begin your scan.

    After the scan, your Bridge Officer will recommend you beam into the cargo bay. Press "Beam Down" to do so.

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    Battle Onboard the Azura

    Shut Down Plasma Leak With This Console You're probably still a little short on Bridge Officers, so be sure to fill the extra away team slots with generic security redshirts before you beam down. Once you materialize, you'll find yourself in the Azura's rear cargo hold. Your Bridge Officer will let you know that you need to use some consoles to shut down 3 plasma leaks onboard.

    There are wounded crewmen scattered throughout the vessel. You can scan them now but won't be able to beam them out until later. There is no reason to do so, though, as it has no effect on your mission success. Be sure to open any flashing containers in the cargo hold by pressing "F" before moving into the hallway in front of you. Equip any new weapons, armor, or shields you find on this mission immediately, as they will almost always be better than the standard issue gear you start with.

    Battle Onboard the Azura The consoles you need to deactivate are scattered throughout the ship. They are easy to spot because they flash, but most are going to be guarded by Orions. Engage any pirates you encounter, crouching (press "C") to do maximum damage, and utilizing both the regular and special attacks of your weapon (Default "1" and "2" keys).

    When you reach a console, press "F" or click the pop up button to shut it down. If you reach a point where you can't continue because of a leak, you have probably missed a console. Backtrack to find it before progressing.

    After all three leaks have been shut down, you'll need to move to the engineering section dead ahead of you to find the warp core. A warp core breach is imminent, and you'll need to talk to Captain Brott to continue. The Captain explains how the Azura came to be in its predicament, then asks you to get her crew to safety. You'll need to fight your way back to the rear cargo bay to beam them out.

    Orions will periodically beam in and harass you, but you should have little trouble with them. When you make it to the cargo bay, the Azura's crewmembers will beam to safety. Beam back to your ship and prepare to take the fight to the Orion Raiders outside.

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    Defend the Azura

    You Should Also Find Several Anomalous Readings Near the Azura Back aboard your ship, you receive a message from the Orion. Two more Orion Corvettes arrive and attack. After you've dealt with them, a Marauder Battleship will arrive, your first real test in space combat. Just concentrate on draining the Battleship's shields and firing torpedoes toward the unprotected hull and you should be fine. If your shields get low, simply turn your ship so that the Marauder's attacks fall on a more well-protected area.

    After a few minutes, the Marauder will be defeated. Your Bridge Officer advises you that the Azura is about to blow. Move close to the ship and press "F" to transport Captain Brott safely aboard your vessel. You will be given a chance to speak to the Captain about the incident. Afterward, press the "Hail Starfleet" button (the Starfleet Insignia at the bottom left of your mini map) to report to Admiral Quinn. Choose which Bridge Officer reward you would like, and accept the next mission, "Diplomatic Orders."

    After you've finished with Quinn, press the "Depart System" button (the galaxy-shaped button at the top left of your mini map) to return to Sector Space.

    Congratulations! You've completed your first mission in Star Trek Online.

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