Guide to the Star Trek Online Tutorial Mission: Full Walkthrough

Guide to the Star Trek Online Tutorial Mission: Full Walkthrough
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After you finish creating your Star Trek Online character, you will be immediately dropped into the game’s excellent tutorial mission. This quick, yet fun, introduction to the game’s basic controls and tactics is one of the best in the MMO world. You’ll fend off Borg drones while learning how to move, shoot, and complete objectives before being thrust into the middle of your first space battle.

There’s a lot going on in the Star Trek Online tutorial, and our guide is designed to ensure you don’t miss anything along the way.

Star Trek Online Tutorial: Onboard Your Ship

Enjoy Leonard Nimoy’s excellent narration, and you’ll soon find yourself standing in the lounge of your very first ship. Take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the movement controls (Zachary Quinto provides some voice-over instruction for you), then make your way to the turbolift on the other side of the room.

This is also an excellent opportunity to adjust the HUD elements to your liking. To resize them, just hover over a boundary until your cursor changes to an arrow, then drag in the direction you want to expand. You can also move sections by pressing escape and clicking on “Rearrange HUD.”

Press “F” when near the turbolift door or right click it to be taken to the bridge. Once there, walk up to the captain and speak to him in a similar manner. The captain will ask you to hail the U.S.S. Khitomer. Move to one of the now-flashing consoles and interact with it to do so. After a brief message from the Khitomer’s Emergency Medical Hologram, the captain asks you to head to the turbolift and beam aboard the ship. Move to the turbolift and head down to the transporter room.

Speak to the security chief stationed near the transporter controls, then hop aboard the pad and press “F” to be transported aboard the Khitomer.

Star Trek Online Tutorial: Aboard the Khitomer

Khitomer Sick Bay

Once you materialize aboard the Khitomer, speak to the EMH standing directly in front of you. He’ll ask you to assist in the treatment of one of the Khitomer’s crewmembers. Walk over and scan one of the crewmen by pressing the “F” button, then report back to the EMH.

The EMH compliments your skill with medicine, then asks you to head to Auxiliary Control to assist Lieutenant Thelis. Make your way down the hallway, past the crewmen fighting against the Borg. You can’t assist them due to the forcefields in the hallway, but you will get your chance in the next room.

Lt. Thelis is working frantically on a malfunctioning console. He will ask you to help him transport some Borg off the ship. Walk over to one of the flashing consoles near the forcefield with Borg behind it. Use the console to store the Borg patterns and then head through the door at the East end of the room. Outside you’ll find two consoles near a hull breach sealed off by a forcefield. Use one of the consoles to transport the Borg in to space.

You’ll then receive a message from Main Engineering. Use the nearby turbolift to get to Deck 2.

Star Trek Online Tutorial: Deck 2 and Main Engineering

Hull Breach aboard USS Khitomer

On Deck 2, Commander Davis asks you to help him by destroying some Borg devices. Target them by clicking or by using the “Tab” key, then use your number keys to attack. Most of the devices will explode with a single burst from your phaser. Don’t forget that you can use the explosions to take out nearby Borg Drones, as well.

Once the devices have been destroyed, Commander Davis asks you to get to Main Engineering as quickly as possible. The exit is located at the North end of the deck, down a short corridor to the right. Take the turbolift down to Main Engineering.

You will encounter several Borg as you make your way through the ship corridors. You can choose to fight them, or just run past. There is no real advantage to either choice.

The Battle Rages Outside

Once you reach Main Engineering, Davis will ask you to help fend off a Borg attack. Head down the ramp and fight the Borg for 30 seconds or so. Afterward, Davis will thank you for saving the ship and you can leave the mop up duties to him and his crew. Head past the barricades and into the transporter room to speak to some potential bridge officer recruits.

Speak to each of the officers, then talk to Chief Sherman to complete your first mission and to choose your first bridge officer. Check the box next to your choice and press the “Collect Reward” button to continue.

You will get an opportunity to customize your first bridge officer. This first time is free, but any further changes you wish to make to this specific officer will cost you credits. Afterward, step onto the transporter and press “F” to head back to your ship.

Star Trek Online Tutorial: Space Rescue Operations

Space Rescue Operations

Back onboard your ship, you discover that you are now the ranking officer aboard, and must take command immediately. The U.S.S. Seacole sends a message asking for your help in search and rescue operations. Before getting underway, you can receive a brief introduction to space movement from your bridge officer.

Afterward, maneuver near the Kelvin, Oakland, Bohr, and Montreal and press “F” to beam survivors aboard, then head toward the Seacole on the right side of the large asteroid. Use Full Impulse to move quickly from ship to ship.

You’ll then receive a message from the captain of the U.S.S. Renown. He will ask you to move close to the Renown so that they may repair your ship. Find the Renown on the back side of the asteroid. Once you are nearby, press “F” to commence the repair and resupply. Afterward, you’ll warp to a nearby sector to enter your first space battle.

Star Trek Online Tutorial: Battle the Borg in Space

Battle Borg Spheres

Once you warp in, you will receive a brief introduction to ship to ship combat, then be asked to help take down several Borg probes. Maneuver close to the enemy contacts and use your photon torpedoes and phasers to take them out. Press the Spacebar to fire all your phasers simultaneously. These damaged probes don’t put up much of a fight, and after you’ve destroyed four, you’ll be asked to warp to a sector with some more formidable enemies.

In the new sector, you’ll be asked to destroy four more probes. The major difference here, though, is that these probes fight back. Use your phasers and torpedoes to take them out, and remember that you can turn your ship sideways in a broadside to bring both front and rear phasers to bear simultaneously.

Next up: colonist rescue on Vega Colony.

Star Trek Online Tutorial: Beam Down to Vega Colony

Boots on the Ground at Vega Colony

Your next mission is an introduction to ground combat. Commander Kelly will ask you to assist with a Borg invasion of the Vega Colony. Set up your away team (you don’t have much choice, with only one bridge officer) and then beam down to the planet.

Commander Kelly will ask you to speak to another officer about kits, then loot a nearby crate for your first kit and a sniper rifle. Equip your new kit and rifle by pressing “U” and dragging them to their corresponding slots.

Your mission is the rescue of four colonists from Borg patrols. Simply defeat all Borg near a colonist to free them. Do this four times and then you’ll receive a new mission.

Borg Transmitter in the Distance

Commander Kelly asks you to shut down a nearby Borg device. Head toward one of the circles on your map to find one. They’re pretty easy to find, just look for a large glowing green building on the horizon. Dispatch any Borg patrols you encounter on your approach, then use one of the large green cylinders on either side of the building to shut down the forcefield protecting the transmitter.

Deactivating the forcefield will awaken several Borg drones, so prepare for a fight before you shut down the transmitter. Interact with another large green tube attached to the tower to complete the mission.

Afterward, beam back to your ship and prepare for the final battle.

Star Trek Online Tutorial: Borg Cubes in Space

Earth Spacedock

Borg Battle

Back aboard your ship, you’ll receive a message from Admiral Quinn asking you to help in the final push against the Borg invasion. He’ll ask you to warp to another nearby sector to assist other Federation ships.

In the next sector, you will see several Borg cubes doing battle with federation ships. Head toward one to join the fight. If the cube gets destroyed before you arrive, don’t sweat it, just wait for another one to appear and engage it. You should have lots of help from NPC Federation ships and other players finishing their tutorials, so the battle isn’t too dangerous.

Afterward, Admiral Quinn contacts you again, asking you to come to the Sol System and meet with him. Press the “Warp Out” button to continue to the Sol System.

Move your ship close to the starbase and press the “Dock at Starbase” button when it comes up. You’ll automatically be transported aboard.

The turbolift to the Admiral’s office is right in front of you. Use it to head upstairs, then speak to the Admiral to finish the tutorial and receive your first promotion.

Congratulations, Lieutenant, you are now the Captain of your very own starship!

One more thing to remember: Akira Sulu is standing right behind you in the Admiral’s office. You’re welcome.

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