Star Trek Online Guide to Little Known and Under Utilized Tips, Tricks, Tactics and Strategies

Star Trek Online Guide to Little Known and Under Utilized Tips, Tricks, Tactics and Strategies
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Star Trek Online, like any MMO, is a game that takes awhile to master. Sure, you can get the basics down just by finishing the tutorial, but there are little tricks and secrets that players only pick up after playing the game for awhile.

These tricks run the gamut from uniform options to movement to keyboard shortcuts that can cut down the time it takes you to finish a mission drastically. Chances are every STO player has picked up a few of these things, but only someone who has been playing for awhile will have discovered them all.

Fortunately, we’ve prepared a quick introduction, so you won’t have to wait until you happen across these in-game, you’ll be fully prepared to implement them all right now.

Star Trek Online Non-Combat Tips and Tricks

Star Trek Online Guide: Use your Sensors to Locate Mission Objectives

Tip 1: Use your Sensors. You know how in the Star Trek TV series and movies they’re always using their shipboard sensors or tricorders to locate any nearby objective or anomaly? You can do the same thing in Star Trek Online.

Most people know that your sensors will point you toward any anomalous data in the area, but you can also use them to locate nearby objectives that are out of sight. Whenever you’re lost, press the “V” key or open up the menu and initiate a sweep manually. This can save you a lot of time in both ground and space missions. No more wandering around aimlessly.

Star Trek Online Guide: Use the Bank

Tip 2: Use your Bank. Like the sensors, most people know the bank’s basic function, saving your extra items. Many people don’t realize that it’s also capable of storing your crafting items and commodities while still allowing you access to them while on a mission.

So, instead of loading up on commodities and letting them take up much-needed cargo space, just throw a bunch in your bank and you’ll be able to use them wherever you are. Same goes for crafting items, they’ll automatically come out of your bank when you try to upgrade an item, no need to carry them on your person.

Tip 3: Autorun. Tired of holding down the “W” key while ambling down the halls of your local starbase?

Star Trek Online Guides: Use the Replicator and Continue Your Mission

Fortunately, STO, like any reputable MMO, has an auto run key. Press “R” to send your character off in the direction you’re currently facing. You can steer, thankfully, and you just need to press “R” again (or any other movement key) to stop.

Tip 4: Use the Replicator. Quite a few players make an immediate trip to the nearest starbase to unload when their inventory becomes full of batteries, low-level health packs, and other semi-useless items. Most players don’t want to destroy them outright, preferring instead to make at least a few credits off of them, so they make a special trip to sell off the excess. While on ship, however, you can access your replicator and sell items (for less than a starbase) without leaving your mission.

I don’t recommend doing it with all your items, but if you need to make a little room it’s a great way to pick up a few credits for any extra items. The replicator button is located at the bottom of your inventory window.

Hide your Armor in Star Trek Online

Tip 5: Hide your Armor. What’s the point of having one of the most in-depth character and uniform creators of all time if your creation is constantly covered by a set of generic-looking armor? Removing it every time you hit up a starbase is impractical, and going without simply isn’t an option. Fortunately, there’s a way to hide your armor while still retaining its protective benefits. In your equipment paperdoll, just right-click your equipped armor and choose to hide it.

Page two has the rest of our Star Trek Online guide to non-combat tips and tricks, as well as a few maneuvers sure to help you out while you’re fighting off a Borg attack.

Star Trek Online Non-Combat Tips and Tricks, Continued

Star Trek Online Guides: Use Transwarp

Tip 6: Transwarp. I’m ashamed to admit this is one trick I personally didn’t discover until I was well into the rank of Lieutenant Commander. If you need to return to Earth Starbase in a hurry, you can use your “Transwarp” power once every hour to do so. This will save you hours of travel time over the course of your career. To use Transwarp, press the “P” key while you’re in space and click on the button. You can also drag this button to your hotbar to have access to it at anytime.

Tip 7: Rename Anywhere. While you have to hit up a starbase if you want to recustomize the look of your ship or officers, you can change the name and designation of your vessel anywhere you like. Just press “U” to bring up the Ship Status screen, and hit the rename button at the bottom. The price to change your ship’s name will be displayed in the window as you make changes.

Star Trek Online Combat Tips and Tricks

STO Guide: Use Reverse to Quickly Maneuver in Space Combat

While the first set of tips and tricks allow you to customize uniforms or make your non-combat life easier, the last can make taking down those countless Klingons, Orions, and Romulans just a little bit easier. These tricks can be used by any captain at practically any rank.

Tip 8: Reverse in Battle. Most captains know the value of varying their speed during battle. Fast attacks can make it harder for enemies to focus their weapons on you, and slower speeds allow greater maneuverability so that you can get your weapons trained on them, but reversing in battle can also be a very useful tool.

If an enemy is sweeping out of your firing arc just as “High Yield” is coming off cooldown, don’t turn your Star Trek Online ship all the way around to get a bead on him, just throw it in reverse and steer in the other direction. It’s a great way to make rapid course corrections.

Tip 9: Same Ability, Multiple Ranks. If you have a favorite ability, wouldn’t you love to be able to use it in battle as much as

STO Space Combat Abilities

possible? For example, one of my favorite combat abilities is “Tyken’s Rift.” Consequently, my science officer is trained in both rank I and II. Now I can fire off a quick Rift, then another after the global cooldown expires, ensuring that my enemies have little chance to recover their power systems as we fight. Different ranks of the same power are not exclusive.

Tip 10: Pause Ground Combat. The ability to pause the action while on an away mission is something that is mentioned briefly in the tutorial, but not really explained very well. Basically, by pressing “P” on the ground you can completely pause the action and use the time to issue commands to your bridge officers, kind of like Dragon Age: Origins. This is the best way to combine exploits and exposes, as well as get your science officers healing the right people (usually you).

Star Trek Online Pause Ground Combat

Another advantage of the pause function? You can hit the “P” key and run off for a bio break. You’ll have to be quick, though, as the pause timer runs out quickly.

This is in no way intended to be the be all and end all of Star Trek Online tricks, nor is it a list of items that I don’t think people know about. Rather, it’s a collection of tactics I’ve run across that I feel are under utilized.

Hopefully you’ve picked up a new trick or two, at the very least.