Star Trek Online Ships and Customization: Unique C Store Bridges and Ship Designs

Star Trek Online Ships and Customization: Unique C Store Bridges and Ship Designs
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Star Trek Online Ships

We covered the character upgrade, slot, race, rename, and respec options available in the Star Trek Online C Store in part one of our guide to C Store items. Now it’s time to take a look at the many ship customization options that can be purchased with Cryptic Points.

Currently, the only way to get any of these bridge or ship customization upgrades is to purchase them through the C Store, so you can rest assured that your purchase ensures you will have a ship that looks like few others in the Star Trek Online fleet.

Federation Bridge Packs - Star Trek Online Ships

Bridge packs have always seemed like a questionable value to me. Sure, your bridge sports a unique look, but the player is the only one who is even capable of seeing it the way the game is currently configured, and most players have little reason to ever visit the bridge beyond taking a few cool-looking screenshots.

Still, if customizing your bridge is something you’re interested in, you have a few different options to choose from. Purchasing a bridge pack unlocks its contents for every player of the correct faction on a player’s account, so there is no need to log in to a specific character when you wish to purchase one.

Federation Bridge Pack I: Star Cruiser will cost you 200 Cryptic Points to unlock. This pack includes four bridge configurations for Federation captains, the Unity, Temple, Virtue, and Nomad designs.

Federation Bridge Pack II: Light Cruiser is a bit cheaper at 120 Cryptic Points. It also provides you with fewer options, containing

STO Ships Federation Star Cruiser Bridge Pack

only three different bridge configurations. These pack was inspired by the classic lines of the Miranda class bridge (made famous in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan) and includes the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma designs.

Federation Bridge Pack III: Research Science Vessel is available for 200 Cryptic Points. These bridge designs are optimized for non-combat missions and feature open layouts with many science stations. The Assistance, Chirurgeon, Compassion, and Healer bridges are included in Bridge Pack III.

Klingon Bridge Packs

Star Trek Online Bird of Prey Bridge

Klingon bridges tend to feature a more stark, utilitarian layout. There is little need for research or science stations on these bridges, as they are designed for one thing and one thing only: combat.

Klingon Bridge Pack I: Battle Cruiser features the Sabak, G’boj, Reclaw, and Mur’Eq bridge designs. These combat-focused bridges feature a prominent 3D tactical display situated behind the captain’s chair. Buy it for 200 Cryptic Points.

Klingon Bridge Pack II: Bird of Prey contains six of the finest bridge designs to ever emerge from the Klingon Empire: the Quv, Vlt, Chav, Qempa', Yol, and Batlh layouts. These tightly-packed bridges feature high ceilings and a large primary viewscreen. Six different designs aren’t without a cost though, as this pack will set you back 240 Cryptic Points.

Klingon Bridge Pack III: Carrier will cost you just 80 Cryptic Points. The Kor, Kang, and Koloth bridge designs feature a spacious layout with multiple angled columns overhead.

Federation Ship Customization Options

Star Trek Online Ships Maelstrom Class

Customizing a part of your ship that no one ever sees is fun and all, but the real value of Star Trek Online C Store ship customization options comes when you start getting into the external configuration options.

The additional ship classes are only available for Federation vessels, and only for tier 5 vessels (Rear Admiral Rank). Check out what’s available so far.

The Federation Deep Space Science Vessel: Nimbus Class is available for 160 Cryptic Points. This variant of the Destiny Class Deep Space Science Vessel features rectangular nacelles and a large pod on the ship’s ventral section.

The Federation Advanced Escort: Hephaestus Class is also available for 160 Cryptic Points. This arrowhead-shaped, four-nacelled juggernaut is a variant of the Prometheus Class Advanced Escort.

The Federation Fleet Escort: Maelstrom Class is a mean-looking variant of the Dervish Class Fleet Escort and can be yours for 160 Cryptic Points.

STO Ships Nimbus Class

The final ship variant, the Federation Assault Cruiser: Imperial Class is a variant of the Sovereign Class Cruiser (first seen in Star Trek: First Contact) featuring a squared-off rear saucer section. The Imperial Class is a bit more pricey than the other Federation ships, as this design will set you back 240 Cryptic Points.

Purchasing one of these alternate designs, like the bridge packs, will unlock it for every Federation character on an account.

There are so many different items available in the Star Trek Online C-Store, those with extra Cryptic Points just burning a hole in their pockets should have little trouble finding a new ship design, bridge, or character option to purchase. Most of the unique ship designs are only available to Rear Admirals, though, so it’s time to get leveling if you want to be able to have the must unique ship possible.

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