Star Trek Online Store Items: Character Rename, Respec, Character Slots, and Custom Emotes

Star Trek Online Store Items: Character Rename, Respec, Character Slots, and Custom Emotes
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Players who find themselves not satisfied with Star Trek Online’s in-depth character creator have options beyond the scope of the game, provided they’re willing to spend a little real-world money to get them.

By purchasing items from the in-game C Store, players can unlock additional emotes, retrain their character, rename their captain, or unlock a new race unobtainable by other means. Get full details on purchasing Cryptic Points and spending them in game in our full Guide to the Star Trek Online C Store.

Check out all the C Store character customization items currently available below.

Character Customization and Re-Customzation Options

Star Trek Online Captain Rename

The first character upgrade in the Star Trek Online C Store is “Emote Pack I.” After purchasing this upgrade for 120 Cryptic Points, three unique emotes will be added to every character on your account. Now, you’ll be able to interact in style, showing your anger and impatience with the “Frustrated” emote, dismissing lower creatures with the “Shoo” emote, and expressing your enthusiasm with the “Pick Me” emote.

For those who may have charged ahead in their character development without much thought about what skills they might need in the future (pretty much everyone who jumped in on day one), the Retrain option, available for 400 Cryptic Points, gives you a chance to rewrite history. This single-use item wipes out all skills on your character, allowing you to start again with a clean slate. Bridge officers do not benefit from this item. Make sure you’re on the Star Trek Online character you want to retrain, as it only works for one character per purchase.

Star Trek Online Emote Pack 1

If three character slots is not enough for you, the C Store has the option to purchase two Additional Character Slots for a measly 500 Cryptic Points. Now you can create up to five characters, allowing you to explore practically every specialization path on both the Federation and Klingon sides of the galaxy.

Is that oh-so-topical character name you chose when the game first launched starting to lose its luster? Are your enemies piling up and you are in desperate need of a respite? Perhaps the Captain Rename item, available for 280 Cryptic Points, might be for you. Purchasing this item gives you a single rename token, usable on one character on your account to create a new, more appropriate name. You might want to put a little more thought into it the second time.

Playable Species Available in the C Store

Federation Playable Tellarite

Whether you’re desperately striving to be unique or simply because none of the default Federation races in Star Trek Online appeal to you, perhaps one of the exclusive unlockable species available through the C Store might be right up your alley. Currently, there are four different races to choose from, and they are unavailable by any other means.

The Playable Federation Tellarite is the first of several species options in the C Store. These short-statured creatures were among the founding races of the Federation. Each Tellarite comes with the “Pig Headed” (30% resistance to holds, 40% resistance to slows and 50% resistance to placates, with a chance to become enraged and gain a 20% damage buff for a short time) and “Sturdy” (10% resistance to physical damage, 10% resistance to kinetic damage, 10% resistance to knockback) attributes. Players who create a

Federation Playable Ferengi

Tellarite can also choose two additional traits. Become a Tellarite for 200 Cryptic Points.

For fans of The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine’s Worf, there is the Playable Federation Klingon character option available for 240 Cryptic Points. When hostilities between the Federation and the Empire resumed, some Klingons chose to remain with Starfleet. Federation Klingons receive the “Warrior” trait (5% increased ranged weapon damage, 10% increased melee damage, and a 10% bonus to critical severity) and the “Honorable” trait (5% bonus to damage resistance, 10% bonus to threat generation). Players may also choose two additional traits for their Klingon captain.

Maybe Worf is not your favorite character. For those who have ever wondered how a character like Quark

Federation Playable Pakled

might fare in Starfleet, there is the Playable Federation Ferengi option. Ferengi captains receive the “Natural Immunities” (40% resistance to toxic and radiation damage) and “Acute Senses” (20% bonus to stealth sight and 10% bonus to exploit damage) traits. Players may choose two additional traits for their Ferengi, as well. Unlock your Ferengi captain for only 80 Cryptic Points.

Anyone who remembers the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Samaritan Snare” remembers the Pakleds as the species who feigned stupidity to kidnap Geordi LaForge and force him to work onboard their ship. Now, you can employ similar tactics with your Playable Federation Pakled. These captains receive the “Dumb Luck” trait, granting them a 40% decrease in their ability to resist a placate or confuse, a 20% increase in susceptibility to holds, and a 6% increase to the frequency of their critical hits. Pakled players are allowed to choose three additional traits.

Cryptic has done a pretty good job of rolling out new C Store items fairly frequently, so keep an eye out for future updates with more playable characters and character upgrade options. Hopefully they decide to spread the love a little and expand the options for players of the Klingon faction, as well.

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