Star Trek Online Fleet Action Mission: Starbase 24

Star Trek Online Fleet Action Mission: Starbase 24
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Star Trek Online Fleet Actions

Your first Star Trek Online Fleet Action is likely to be the battle at Starbase 24.

Fleet actions are missions in which everyone in the zone takes part, and the players who have done the most damage at the end are awarded prizes.

To find Starbase 24, head to the Sirius Sector Block and bring up your map. You’ll find the starbase in the Orion sector, just above Una near and near the border of the Regulus Sector Block.

Weaken the Klingon Attack Force

Bring Friends for Starbase 24

At the beginning of the mission, you’ll be tasked with destroying 50 Klingon ships. Any of the ships in the zone will do, so try and avoid the tougher battleships if you can. You’ll need them alive later, anyway. This is a fleet action, so everyone’s kills go toward the total.

Try to stay with the other players that are in the area. Heading off on your own is a great way to get overwhelmed and destroyed very quickly. If you do go down, no worries. You’ll respawn at the entrance point and can rejoin the fray.

After the initial 50 ships are destroyed, you’ll then be asked to take down 20 Klingon Battleships. These bad boys are tougher, and you’ll definitely need to work with other players to take them down. The Warships are the ones you want to concentrate at this stage. Don’t get so caught up targeting them that you forget the other ships, tough. They can

Back Into Battle at Star Trek Online Starbase 24

still hurt you, and failing to take out a whole group before you move on is a good way to get your ship destroyed.

After the Battleships are taken down, the rewards are handed out. The top 6 damage dealers in the mission will receive rewards. Being in the top two guarantees you a blue reward, usually.

If you don’t make it into the top six it’s not a huge deal. Just hang out for five minutes and you’ll be able to do the whole mission again. Concentrate on your Star Trek Online space combat basics and you’re sure to come out on top eventually.

Page two has a full walkthrough for the “Starbase 24 Rescue” mission that you receive when you warp into the instance. Keep going to find out how to rescue those pesky scientists and get them safely aboard the U.S.S. McCoy.

Starbase 24 Rescue

Star Trek Online Starbase 24 Start the Fight in This Hallway

During the course of the action, your tactical officer will inform you that there are people left on the station who are in need of rescue. Get close enough to the station and you can beam down to it.

This mission is separate from the one going on outside. You can do them in either order. If you warp in and the Klingons outside are already mostly defeated, then you may want to take on the rescue first and hope to get into the Star Trek Online Fleet Action when it resets.

Either way, your task on the starbase is to rescue six scientists and download data from the station’s computer core. As you enter the hallway, you’ll see a group of Starfleet personnel taking on some Klingons. If there’s a Targ Handler in the group, make sure you take him down first. These guys spawn Targs repeatedly until they’re dead, making the fight much tougher.

Starbase 24 Scientist Location

You’ll find the first scientist behind some crates in the South corner of the first room. Clear the area and then talk to him. He’ll beam to safety aboard your ship.

The next scientist is at the East end of that same room. Talk to him as well.

The third scientist is in a large control room just around the corner from where you found the first two. The room across the hall doesn’t contain a scientist, but there is an arms locker to loot and an anomolous reading to analyze. It’s probably a good idea to take out the Klingons in here even if you don’t want the stuff, otherwise you run the risk of pulling them accidentally later on.

Down around the corner, in the Northernmost room of the level, you’ll find the fourth scientist cowering behind several Klingon guards. Take them out and get him out of there.

Down the Turbolift

The Final Starbase 24 Scientist

Go back out into the hall and take the nearby turbolift downstairs. The fifth scientist is behind a desk in the first room on the right. He’s back in the corner, so make sure you explore the room thoroughly.

Down around the corner is the final room. Try and pull the patrolling Klingons first to get them out of the way. If you can avoid pulling a huge group it can make you life a lot easier.

Entering the room, your final scientist is to your left. Kill the nearby group and send the last egghead back to your ship and safety.

The computer core is to the right as you enter the room. You’ll need to clear out the Klingons to use it, as the download can be interrupted. Walk up to the console, use it, and then beam back to your ship.

Rendezvous With the U.S.S. McCoy

Star Trek Online U.S.S. McCoy

Outside, get ready to engage full impulse as soon as the instance loads. You need to get your rescued scientists to safety, and the Federation Rally point is well outside the battle area. If you have trouble locating it, look for a circle on your map NE of the starbase. You may have to defend yourself if you get attacked, but get out there as soon as possible. The U.S.S. McCoy needs your help.

At the rally point, help the McCoy fend off it’s attackers. Afterward, move close enough to the McCoy to hail it. The rescued scientists will beam aboard and your mission is complete.

Contact Admiral Yanishev for your reward: some credits, merits, and an awesome new shield for your Star Trek Online ship.