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A Mouse Script for RPG Maker VX.

by: Makoto ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This script allows you to use the mouse in your RPG Maker VX games.

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    RPG Maker VX

    Are you feeling confused about the brand new RPG Maker VX? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. As great as RPG Maker VX is, it unfortunately comes with little to no documentation. This is why I have decided to write a series of article which will cover just about everything anyone would ever want to do with this software.

    A collection of all my articles (there are dozens of them) is available by clicking this link.

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    RPG Maker VX: Mouse Script

    Worale has finally put together a script which will allow just about anyone to use the mouse in their game.

    RPG Maker VX: Mouse Script 

    Here’s a list of the features by the author himself:

    - Support to use mouse in many scenes / windows e.g. Battle Scene, Shop, Name Input Screen - Click on map to move player using Path Finding - Click on NPC when player is close to that NPC to talk.

    This script pretty much allows you to use the mouse in a RPG Maker VX game. Left-click is the equivalent of the “Confirm" key while right clicking will bring up the menu, exit or cancel.

    I’ve tested the script myself and it works very well.

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    Changing the Cursor (RPG Maker VX: Mouse Script)

    As cute as the fox cursor looks, wouldn’t be great if we could our own cursor for our game?

    There are a few more cursors available in the download archive (under Graphic/System):

    RPG Maker VX: Mouse Script 

    In order to change the cursor, simply head to the script section, in Simple Mouse System and go to line #73.

    RPG Maker VX: Mouse Script 

    Change ‘foxkeh_cursor’ to the cursor you’d rather use like this:

    RPG Maker VX: Mouse Script 

    Click OK and launch your game:

    RPg Maker VX: Mouse Script 

    There we go, a brand new cursor for your game!

    NOTE: In order to use your own icon, remember to create an icon of 32x32 pixel and to add it to the Graphic/System folder of your game.

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    Downloading the Script (RPG Maker VX: Mouse Script)

    I have uploaded both a Worale's demo using the script right here at Brighthub. Simply transfer the script from this demo to your own game in order to install the script. See next section for more information.

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    Adding this Script in your Game (RPG Maker VX: Mouse Script)

    Adding a script to your game is actually pretty simple.

    Simply head to the script section and add the three scripts included in the download in the material subsection like so:

    RPG Maker VX: Mouse Script 

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    It should be mentioned that many other authors worked in order to make this possible. Here’s a list of the contributors as mentioned in the script itself:

    - DerVVulfman, Near Fantastica, and Freak Boy [Mouse Input Module]

    - lambchop, shun, Cybersam, Astro_mech, and Mr.Mo [Super Simple Mouse System]

    - Modern Algebra, Zeriab, Patrick Lester [Path Finding]

    - Near Fantastica, Fuso [Path Finding]