RPG Maker VX: Custom facesets

RPG Maker VX: Custom Facesets

This article acts as another addition to a series about new Resources for RPG Maker VX. Having a variety of facesets in a RPG Maker VX game is a great way to give more depth to your characters (as opposed to simply displaying the characters as walking sprites). Since the original RPG Maker VX facesets are quite limited, it eventually becomes difficult to find unique portraits for those important characters in your game. In this article, a whole new batch of faces are provided as an alternative to the default ones we keep saying in most games.

RPG Maker VX Custom Facesets Samples

Author: Room Mate

Link: Click Here!

Time to once again introduce a great Japanese website unfortunately unknown by too many: Room Mate. Despite its English title, the whole website is in Japanese which is why I have a provided a direct link to art right here in order to make things more convenient.

In order to get a hold on this wonderful art, simply click the link above and save each picture on your computer by: Right Click+Save Picture as….














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Disclaimer (RPG Maker VX Custom Facesets)


The art provided here does not belong to the author of this article. For this reason, links have been provided to the original artists. Watermarks have also been put in place in this article. If you have any issues with the art provided here, please send me a message or leave a comment in the section below.

Please remember to credit the creators of the artists who provide this art free of charge for your enjoyment. Thanking the authors can be as simple as mentioning their name as well as their contribution in the credit of your game.