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    • Rage - Jackal Canyon Walkthrough
      Things are never easy. It seems like the ark that we need is buried in the middle of a canyon that currently houses heavily armored psychotic bandits. This final bandit raid will at least give you a chance to use all of your firepower and go out in style.
    • Rage - A Dead City and an Occupied Well
      Things are going to get a little crazy. We're not just raiding hideouts anymore. Our work for Mayor Clayton will led us to Doctor Kvasir, which will eventually take us to the mutant infested dead city. If you can manage to fight your way out, you'll end up battling bandits for the Wellsprings well.
    • Rage - Getting Your Own Buggy
      If you're going to make it anywhere in the wasteland, you'll probably need to get something a bit more powerful than the borrowed ATV. If you're willing to kill some bandits, you can get the parts to fix up your new dune buggy, and you might even be able to make the run to Wellspring.
    • Rage - Weapon and Ammo Choices
      Rage is a fairly old school FPS, which means that you have an entire arsenal on your back, some of which is completely ridiculous in its power. If you'd like to learn more about when to use which of your killing implements, just look for some tips below.
    • Rage - Welcome to Subway Town
      We're in a new place, but things aren't exactly going well for us. We need to convince Redstone that we're valuable, which means taking on a subway station full of mutants and setting off a whole lot of explosives in the process. If you need some help, just look inside.
    • Rage - Joining the Rebellion
      It's time to get things cooking. The Authority is coming, and we need to find somebody that's actually willing to protect us. This means joining the resistance, carrying out a fairly massive prison raid, and a second trip to the Dead City and your old ark.
    • Rage - The Finale
      It's time to wrap things up. The Resistance just has a few missions left, and then it'll be time to bring things to a close. I'll tell you how to clear the path to Capital Prime and how to get inside the Authority fortress to upload the codes and save the day.
    • Rage - The Gearheads
      Redstone isn't too impressed with your mutant killing abilities, so it looks like we'll need to kill a bunch of armored bandits. The Gearheads run the powerplant and have a bit of a grip on the city. Let's see if we can break it.
    • Rage - Wellspring Side Quests
      There are some small side missions that you can take while you're in Wellspring. If you need a little extra money, then it's not a bad idea. We'll take a look at the jobs that are available on the official job board, and a few of the other activities that will help you raise cash.
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