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PES 2008 Practical Tips - Free kicks – Part I

by: johnsinit ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Taking free kicks is an important aspect of playing a game of soccer, and in PES 2008, more often than not it will help you in winning a game or two. Learn how you can take advantage of free kicks in this article.

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    There are times when your PES08 opponent is defending so well that you have trouble penetrating into the penalty area. Often he fouls you 20-25 meters away from goal – just to stop your attack flow. This means that your best scoring chances lie within free-kick shots. In real life, top teams practice these situations a lot – and you would find that they score a lot of set-pieces. Why not imply the same tactics in Pro Evolution Soccer football simulator? This is the time when you catch a swift-moving opposition off-guard, and if you know how to score off free kicks, directly or indirectly, it adds up your scoring opportunities. With that being said, the best strikers in this game have not been the best free kick takers.

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    Free Kicks

    Mastering free kicks requires you to focus on the steps mentioned below. Please note that by following the steps, you may not guarantee that all your free kicks will result in goals, but it would definitely create an increase in the chances of your team scoring a goal. Not all teams have managed to counter the curling free kick, so it is just the time when you cash in on the rut.

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    Step 1 – Select the Kicker

    Make sure you have one guy in your starting eleven who is a specialist in taking Free kicks. He could be a David Beckham, or Juninho for that matter. Andrea Pirlo and Roberto Carlos are also good choices for this. Just so you are safe in case the player gets side-kicked, have a substitute on the bench. Remember - at all times, you must have one guy who takes free kicks well.

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    Step 2 – Aim

    While taking a free-kick, never aim for the center of the wall. You will note that the center of the wall is rather strong, so you would have go through the corner of the wall. All this leads to a curling free kick, one that more or less will guarantee a goal. Take note of your kicker leg – for right footed players it is easier to overcome the wall from the left and vice-versa.

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    Step 3 – Shoot!

    Hold the UP key and press the Shooting key until the desired power in the kick is achieved. This is tricky because a lot of power may not give the ball a good curl and also send the ball too high – and over the bar. Generally, you should allow the power to reach the halfway stage, and this should be good enough for you to get your player warming up for the shoot.

    As this is done and the ball is on the fly, press arrow keys to curl the ball.

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    In following these steps, you would be able to get a good shot – maybe just good enough to beat the goalkeeper. Another technique is lay-off shots. You deliver a short pass to your teammate which takes the shot at the goal. Read about this in the following article of this PES 2008 series.