How to win in PES 2008? An ultimate guide to the computer game. Playing with Barcelona.

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The default 4-3-3 formation

Generally, both in PES08 and the real world, Barcelona FC are employing the often-used 4-3-3 formation. The only problem area identified with the play of Barcelona is their defense, especially while dealing with crosses. A lot of other combinations have been used, yet many Barcelona plays end up inferior against technically and physically strong sides in the air like FC Chelsea. You should have some tactical tricks in your bag to overcome this problem.

A Useful Alternative

It is recommended to use a dynamic 4-2-1-2-1 formation to help you in winning a lot of games with Barcelona FC. Put players like Alves, Milito, Puyol, and Careces in the defense. This will make your defense line strong and tall. Alternatively, have Toure as your center back - hecould also couple up as a midfielder. Xabi Alonso and Andries Iniesta would do the role of midfielders, while Iniesta may be employed in offense as well.

Use Lionel Messi on the right flank in the forward line and Bojan on the left. And of course, use the tall Thierry Henry right up front and breathing down the necks of the opposition goalkeeper.

This formation will win you more games than other formations, primarily because you have got players in all positions. Puyol with his strong defending skills should be played as a Center Back. One of the serious advantages of such a squad is that it can also quickly switch to the flamboyant and traditional 4-3-3 formation.

Flank Importance

Anyway, the usage of Messi and Bojan on the right and the left flanks respectively should never be compromised. These players have the ability to run through sides with their attacking runs, and swift moves, sometimes from the center line. Of course, you have the opportunistic Thierry Henry right up front who would pounce on balls that come his way and convert them to goal-scoring opportunities.

As for a substitute, you could look at replacing Thierry Henry with the equally opportunistic Samuel Eto’o.


Winning games with Barcelona FC as a team is effectively based on the player’s attributes and the type of players you choose to play with. This is one of the best teams in the game, enabling you to try a few tricks against your opponent – without the immediate punishment if you fail. But you have to be sure you are aware of the tactical options as well – making the team a “weapon of destruction” against almost every opponent.

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